Check Your Date


Reviewer’s Name/Alias: Taken-By-Fake
Reviewee’s Real Name: Margaret
Profile URL: POF
Reading the other two reviewers' comments about this woman- which I'm certain is the same one- gave me confidence to share my experience.  I toally agree with the other two reviews.  This woman is a total fake, including using many fake profiles with different names, of both men and women.  She lies by saying she's divorced and then you find out she's married.  She would write to me with fake profiles asking questions about anyone I was dating- when it was her I was dating.  She uses specific types of words and grammar style and at first I found it suspicious, but then I probed and learned it was her.  She admitted to using fake profiles to gather information about me and others.  She alleges she has Lupus but I wonder if it's a drug addiction disease she has, instead.  Her behavior is odd at best.  She is regularly awake until at least midnight and up at 5 a.m. the next morning with exuberant energy and never seems to have relaxed time.  She is always in "excited" mode and rarely, if ever, has a lull in her stride.  During the time I dated her, I noticed half the photos had her natural teeth, which looked neglected- and she's allegedly a dentist- and the other half had her new chompers.   Reading one of the reviewer's comments about her being a "sociopath" is not off-base, since I noticed she changes moods on a dime.  She speaks of herself in grandiose terms and has an exaggerated perception of what she really looks like.  Avoid any contact with her.  RUN AWAY!  RUN AWAY!  If in doubt, ask to see her I.D., then you'll notice the name she gives you, is not the same as the name on her card.

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