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Reviewer’s Name/Alias: KillaA726
Reviewee’s Real Name: Michael Velez
Profile URL: Mikey
He talks to many women online, telling each one he is single. He lies about his profession that he's in finance or a teacher, when he actually does nothing and lives off his elderly parents. He will give you attention for a couple weeks and in that time, make you feel so special and like you found someone you want to be with. Then he ghosts you. He will reappear randomly months later and says he misses you amd wants to pick back up where things were left off. If you confront him about his inconsistency, unavailability, sketchiness...he will give you a sob story. If you don't know any better, you probably will believe it because he is that good at lying. This guy is so manipulative that he can sell ice to an Eskimo. Please avoid at all costs. Don't risk your mental healthy, emotinal health, or physical health to this toxic person.  You can never know if he is being honest even if it seems 100% real or who he has slept with. Last but not least, he is married to his "soulmate"  he loves unconditionally.

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