Check Your Date


Reviewer’s Name/Alias: Dater of Emme
Reviewee’s Real Name: Bob Mack
I read all 5 other reviews a week ago on Emme. After reading, ALL the information was so spot on,  I thought for awhile and decided to tell all the guys that are reading this everything I know to be true.  Margaret Janice Rozbicka, age 59. Is married with children. A  non  practicing dentist.  She is Emme on POF. The profile is the one word, Emme.  She is in an open relationship.  I don’t Know if they are physically separated now or not. They felt separated when I was in what I thought was a relationship.  It seems they are financially  invested together so I don’t know if they’ll ever get a divorce. She had been running her husband‘s front office for  his practice. I can totally understand why the other five guys here feel used and emotionally distraught.  Margaret is very hard to read.  that’s all I have to add. The other posts say everything. I would only be repeating the other accurate information the guys wrote.   

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