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Reviewer’s Name/Alias: Steve Renteria
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This guy is a convicted felon. He is a repeated domestic violence abuser and assaults police officers. Very dangerous... Stay away!
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: Shane Kennelly
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Girlfriend alert Check out Shane Kennelly on Facebook for proof
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: Steve Renteria
Profile Image: thumb_SmokeStack213
This guy is very dangerous. Domestic Assault and Domestic Violence repeated offender. I first read about him on this site Here is the link to the story I read. He has changed his username to SmokeStack21
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: SouthernndNorth
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: Mslemoneysunshine
Profile Image: thumb_bruce
Will say you are his "soulmate,", falls in love on the first date, uses photography to get women. He is a Narcissist.
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: Alex macdonald
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Lies, no job, lives with elderly mother