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Add good or not so good date information for other users to protect or elevate them in their search for love. Also, check on the person BEFORE you go on a date in case there is any important information you should be aware of.
Lets' face it... we all need help in our love lives. Learn about your date before you go.
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He had a girlfriend the entire time we dated. He still contacts me to this day and still has the girlfriend. Don't go out with this guy he also lied about having a job.
He keeps sending me obscene texts, swearing and really bad name calling, in spite of asking him repeatedly not to contact me any more. I also found his phone number on another website, where somebody else complained about harassment by him.
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: hanaleidreamin
She's a fake
I reached out to him and he replied that he would like to meet me but I never heard back yet. I would meet him for a drink
Just sent a message saying he is a republican.
Very polite but I am not interested.
Only sent a Hello message.
Very nice very persistent sent many messages wants to meet for a drink… Sent him my number will meet him for a drink 8/30/2013. 8/30/2013 seems like a real nice guy def will meet him..
Super funny guy and I would go on a date with him.
Polite but I am not interested. He was very graphic in asking about how many times a week I think its normal to have sex. I found it offensive.
Polite but not interested.
Very polite but he lives too far away.
Very polite but I am not interested.
He sent a Hello message but that was it.
Very polite and I would meet for a date.
Polite but not interested.
Very polite but I am not interested.
Polite but not interested.
Generic message from a female about a club party.
Polite but I am not interested.

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