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Add good or not so good date information for other users to protect or elevate them in their search for love. Also, check on the person BEFORE you go on a date in case there is any important information you should be aware of.
Lets' face it... we all need help in our love lives. Learn about your date before you go.
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What a jerk
Unwanted advice
very charming
Repeat message
very polite
Hook up only
This guy doesnt care who he messages because he has contacted me severa times with the same message
He contacted me and copied and pasted the same message to me over several months word for word.
Super nice guy.. a great catch for any girl.
Red flags.. his bio is too long hes telling a story.
This guy has a girlfriend
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: Steve Brady
This guy is over the top. Wants to take me out at 9pm for a first date. His profile is like a novel.
Really handsome guy. In good shape and good looking.
This guy had a GF the entre tie we dated. He still tries to contact me to this day. Don't go out with this guy he also lied about having a job.
Really super nice guy who has his act together. Anyone would be lucky to be with him...
He had a girlfriend the entire time we dated. He still contacts me to this day and still has the girlfriend. Don't go out with this guy he also lied about having a job.

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