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Reviewer’s Name/Alias: huesero
Catfishing fool, liar, user, cock teaser, philanderer
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: Joe
Profile Image: thumb_Screenshot_20190722-221939_Samsung Internet
Looking for lifelong friend and Partner
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: huesero
Profile Image: thumb_Screenshot_20190717-022145
Crazy bitch
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: Edward
Profile Image: thumb_Screenshot_20190713-045608_POF
He is a narcissist He is mean to women promises he will treat you like a queen and promises to put on a cape and be a super hero if he have to but those turned out to be lies he is no super hero or a king he is a man bully of females
Fake christian
Profile Image: thumb_FB_IMG_1529714394588
Fake christian
Profile Image: thumb_Screenshot_20190603-215115
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: anthony box
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: James O'Shea
Profile Image: thumb_image1_2
Psycho. He will put your phone number in men's bathroom stalls if you reject him
Profile Image: thumb_20171014_175142
Anything sexual, he thinks he's the best cooka licker. And he's real big on wanting head as well. Always asks for tit pics and full nude shots and will send his nasty dick pics too.
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: Margaret
Profile Image: thumb_E74D21E6-A6C8-40C7-90EF-B5923FF6DAC0
Beware of Emme on POF! 8 men have written about her read them here for free!
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: Was Gaslighted
Wow. Read all these posts on Emme. I dated her. I just looked her up on My Life. She is 60 now. Margaret J. Rozbicka is married to Thomas A. Goodheart. I didn’t know that much about here till I say your website and started researching. The other posts here are an eye opener. Nice website.
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: Barry Hathaway
Profile Image: thumb_20190402_224722
Real creepy man
Profile Image: thumb_worlds biggest asshole
Liar. Thief. Cheat. Deliberately spreads herpes.
Beware. He likes Mexican food
Think your smart. Sugar daddy
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: Joesph
Silent danger
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: AKA Kurt Kaupke
Profile Image: thumb_IMG_8280
Con man. Claims to be a Billionaire. Has many different last names. Has been seen at the Balboa Bay Yacht Club Newport Beach, California.
Looking for a real woman
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: PoizonIvy
Profile Image: thumb_Screenshot_20190106-215056_POF

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