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Posted by on in Blog & famous Plastic Surgeon Working Together!

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I want to announce a brand new series for My personal plastic surgeon Dr. Arian Mowlavi (who makes me feel great about myself) and I are teaming up for a series of interviews all about how to look and feel your best in order to attract the perfect partner whether it be post-divorce like myself or for any other reason.

Let’s face it, we are all looking for love these days if you are a single person and in order to meet people, we resort to ‘Online Dating’ as a necessity in order to accomplish our goal of finding love again. Now, as you know, I blog about Online Dating all the time and I am in the market myself so this is very close to my heart.

I admit that when I was married I was not as concerned about my looks because I was in a marriage and although I didn’t let myself go, I did not concern myself with having any kind of work done. In the latter part of my marriage, I started gaining weight and half of my hair fell out and I had no idea why. I was feeling sick every day and it really bothered my husband. I mean, who wants their spouse to be sickly and gain weight and lose half of their hair? This came as a total surprise and I went to my medical doctor and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. This explained everything. By the time I got on the right cocktail dose of meds, it was too late. My marriage was over and I was left single again to pick up the pieces and start my life over. There were a lot of bad things my X-husband did to me after our separation but I am going to leave that to the upcoming interview.

I lost the weight, got healthy and doctored up my hair with extensions to make me feel better while my hair grew back.

I met a new friend who introduced me to Dr. Mowlavi. She was waxing my brows and asked me if I had ever thought about Botox. I really never have but she invited me to my first Botox party at Dr. Mowlavi’s office. He was the kindest most sweetest and caring doctor who really showed great interest in me. He made me feel special and at the time he did not even know my horrible story. I got the Botox and continued to go every 4 months. During one of my visits, he asked me if I would consider getting my eyes done. I have never even thought about my eyes as I was growing older and never really paid attention so yes, I agreed and that was life changing for me.

In the surgery room, Dr. Arian Mowlavi and his assistant James worked on my eyes. I was very nervous as you have to be awake during the procedure. They were really great at making me feel at ease and under the numbing medication, I started telling my story about my divorce and all of the dangerous things that my X-husband attempted to do to me after the separation. I told him about my website and how I blog about Online Dating and Relationships and at that moment we discussed the idea of working together. You see, Dr. Arian Mowlavi is all about helping people look their best and when you look your best, you feel better about yourself.

Needless to say after the healing from my eye surgery, I honestly looked and felt 10 years younger. I kept getting compliments on how pretty my blue eyes were. Before my eyes were getting droopy and that is the natural aging process and after surgery, I looked like a younger person. I cannot tell you how much better I felt and still feel today.

A few months after that I had some free time between jobs so I decided to go see Dr. Arian Mowlavi and get a consultation on a boob job. Secretly I always wanted a boob job but I decided this was a good time so I went in to see the doctor for my consultation. He looked at my breasts but then he quickly noticed my belly. I had 2 C-Sections with my kids and it wasn’t the prettiest part of my body and that always bothered me too. So, he tells me “Linda, I can make your stomach flat as a board”. That’s all he had to say to me and I signed myself up. I also wanted my lips done too and he did all three procedures at the same time.

I spent a couple months recovering and the results are well let me say, I feel like Marilyn Monroe. I have the slim yet curvy to die for body I always wanted. I started a new job after recovery and let me tell you, I look so great and sexy and all of my clothes fit so well. I almost feel guilty for how great I look! True story.

Dr. Arian Mowlavi has changed my life. I now have even more self-confidence that I had before my awful marriage and I look and feel healthy and my life has totally changed. I always had a very slim body type and now I have the curves I always wanted and look much younger than I really am. I will forever be grateful to him for taking such interest in me and really caring about me.

Now, let’s talk about what is going to happen. An exciting opportunity to listen to Dr. Mowlavi speak about his gift and my opportunity to speak about how his gift has helped me and how we both share a common interest and passion in helping other people. Conrad Bosmans from Business Innovators Magazine is going to be interviewing Dr. Mowlavi and myself together for a series of radio podcasts that I will be featuring on my website The first is going to be my story. My story of how my divorce could have landed me a ‘Dateline Story’ very easily if I wasn’t as smart as I was and we will discuss that in the first interview.

Dr. Mowlavi is going to be on the cover of Business Innovators Magazine and has written 2 books on how to look your best. Below is an example of a Skin Care Series interview that Dr. Mowlavi did with Conrad Bosmans recently that will be featured in the magazine.

For followers, Dr. Mowlavi is offering a special offer so be sure and to see what it is as I assure you, you do not want to miss out on this!

So much to look forward to and just in time for the New Year 2016!

You can contact me at

for any questions or comments. Please see below the first interview with the Doctor and Conrad Bosmans on Skin Care which has very important and life changing information. Stay tuned for the series and I just know you will get a lot of laughter and good information as we merge our two passions together. Online Dating and Looking your Best!


xoxo, Linda

The 5 Critical Steps to Great Looking Skin

Dr. Arian Mowlavi shares his secrets


By Conrad Bosmans

Do you have an effective skin maintenance routine?

Most of us love the summer and enjoying the outdoors. Unfortunately, it comes at a steep price… that summer sunshine wreaks havoc on our skin.

Its harmful UV rays cause sunburn, leathery skin, wrinkles, premature aging and deadly skin cancers.

But the real problem is that while skin care is a critical, never ending process, most people lack an effective routine to protect and maintain their skin so they always look their best.

As part of our "How to Look Your Best Series" I recently interviewed our own Dr. Arian Mowlavi, the founder of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute. As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Arian Mowlavi has seen how the summer sun ravages the skin of beach-loving locals.

In this series of interviews, Dr. Mowlavi outlines the 5 Critical Steps to Great Looking Skin and how his patients use them to prevent and reverse sun damage to their skin.

Even better, he shares the easiest way to tailor your skin care maintenance program in the most comfortable, easy, safe and affordable way possible.

  If you want healthy, great looking skin that helps you look your best….Dr. Mowlavi is going to share the exact steps you must take to do so:

Q: What should we be worried about after a summer in the sun at our beautiful beaches?

Dr. Mowlavi: I see a lot of patients who have been really ravaged by the summer sun. While the most obvious problem is sunburn, ultimately harmful sun exposure leads to leathery or rough skin, blemishes, wrinkles, and cancerous lesions. In the end, it leads to an older, rougher and unhealthy appearance.

Q: How can people prevent or undo the ravages the sun has taken on their skin?

Dr. Mowlavi: It all starts with having a routine maintenance program that is tailored to your specific needs. It should include the right combination of the five key skin care elements:

  • Erasing wrinkles
  • Reducing sun spots and blemishes
  • Tightening loose skin
  • Improving skin texture
  • Removing skin “ditzels”

Since most of my patients struggle with finding the exact maintenance routine that is right for them, we’ve developed some valuable tools and resources that walk them through their step-by-step roadmap to great looking skin. 

It all starts with this 5-Part Skin Care Series that kicks off with “How to Erase Facial Wrinkles”.

And for people who would like a more comprehensive and interactive experience, we're launching a free webinar series where they'll be able to "ask the Doc" about the things that matter most to them.

(Be sure to check your inbox for our next session: "How to Erase Facial Wrinkles".)

Special Gifts for Linda's Date List Members


Come in before December 20th and receive:

10 units of Botox for Free

Free Skin Evaluation and Personalized Skin Care Plan


Schedule Your Free Consultation

Arian Mowlavi, M.D., F.A.C.S. Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute (949) 499-4147

Posted by on in Blog
Charlie Sheen - My Thoughts

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I want to talk about someone that's been on my mind lately, Charlie Sheen. Oh boy where to start? First off, I want to say that I think Charlie Sheen is a talented and brilliant actor. I mean, who doesn't love Two and 1/2 men? So many nights I sat and watched every episode.. Laughed so hard and couldn't wait for the next week to watch again. Probably the funniest sitcom ever and I mean that sincerely.
I'm trying to put myself in his shoes. Let's see, he said he found out about his HIV status about 4 years ago. That makes a lot of sense because that's when he kind of went off the deep end at the end of his famous sitcom. He most likely found out while filming Two and 1/2 men which probably started the downhill spiral. I can only imagine what he was going through. He probably thought his life was coming to an end. If I thought my life was coming to an end, you better believe I would let people know I loved them and if I had any enemies or co-workers including bosses I really hated but couldn't speak up, well this would be the time I would do it. I bet Charlie felt that way. We all have those people we really just want to tell them what we really think, right or wrong and I can totally relate to Charlie in this way.
So, I'm Charlie and I just found out about my HIV status. I'm newly married with kids on the way. I panic. I call my closest friend or my famous dad to ask for advice. I go into immideately regret of the things that I did to put me where I am right now. I drink, I do drugs, I have to numb the pain and feelings and horror I am going to go through. What will everyone think or say about me? I know my haters are going to say I deserved this. I will look like a total ass. I can't deal with this. What about my kids? What about my kids? I can't deal with this, I need to do more drugs.
Honestly, I believe Charlie loves his kids more than anything. I can understand him wanting to keep this secret. After all, it's his life, his business and now he has to learn how to keep his secret and move on with his life. So sad that he's had to pay people off in the amount of millions of dollars. Very sad. Wasted money. That money could have gone into AIDS research. Very sad our society today has wasted so much money in the wrong places instead of cancer research or AIDS research, diabetes etc.
So Charlie did a lot of drugs and went on a lot of public rants over Twitter and other social media. He was suffering trauma and don't tell me you wouldn't freak out if this happened to you! I know I would freak out absolutely.
No one really knew at the time why he was ranting and raving and acting so hostile? Obviously, this is a normal reaction to hearing such bad news.
I feel sorry for Charlie. Don't be so critical because we all have made mistakes or really bad decisions in our life that we are ashamed of they are just not publicized like Charlie.
Ok, Charlie gets the meds he needs and tried to go on after Two and 1/2 men. He gets a new sitcom which I also enjoyed watching. Perfect name 'Anger Management '. He now has to deal with keeping the sitcom funny and compete with his former sitcom, deal with the everyday struggles of his health and add another divorce on top of that. That's a lot of stress.
Then, he begins to reveal his secret to so called 'friends' who promise to keep his secret but don't. Then he has to pay them off. Can you imagine telling someone such a personal secret to a trusted friend only to have them turn on you? Let's face it. It's really hard to hold a secret but dammit, you have to! Evil world we live in where money comes before morality and trust. I say to those people who went public with his secret, shame on you and trust me, what comes around, goes around!
Do I think Charlie made some bad decisions to get him where he is today? Of course, but I am no one to judge. I have made plenty mistakes and bad decisions and I am paying for them every day. I have to live with what I've done and it's an everyday struggle. Maybe I didn't make the same bad decisions as Charlie but I made up for it in my own struggles. Who's to say one is worse than the other? Does it really matter anyway? Just because I'm not a celebrity doesn't mean I didn't screw my life up sometimes, it just wasn't in the media that's all.
So Charlie is HIV + that's very sad. Despite all of his rants and bad decisions, I still like the guy and yes, I think he was very brave to go public with his announcement. That could not have been easy. I hope he has a sense of relief now for his own sanity. And don't tell me 'he deserved what he got!. Everyone has made bad decisions and for those women that Charlie was with well, they did it willingly and had their own reasons as of why. Could be so they could say they slept with him, for the money or even for the chance to be famous. Who knows but it really doesn't matter now anyway.
Before you judge Charlie, take a look in your own mirror and remember all of the bad decisions you have made in your life. No one is perfect and we all need to be compassionate and put yourself in the other persons shoes.
I am sure Charlie will come out a 'winner' in the end because I do believe this is a wake up call for many people including myself. I believe he will help other people and be the good guy that he really is because of this.
Thanks Charlie for coming forward and I wish you the best. Life is tough and sometimes bad things happen but you have to move on with your head held high and push through it.


Contact me
Xoxo, Linda

Posted by on in Blog
Ladies, We Need to Stick Together! Most Men Are Players!

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I want to talk about guys. First, let's talk about really good guys. Ok, there are some. Now, let's talk about 'Players'.
I will say that if you browse any Online Dating Sites you will run into many, many players. What's a player? A player is a guy who dates and has sex with many women at one time. He may be single, married, in a relationship or just plain honest about it. A good indicator is when they put on their profile 'wants to date but nothing serious'. Stay away from those guys because you will only get hurt. Another indicator and the one used by my X-husband is 'looking for long term". This means they do not want to totally commit or take steps like marriage or even living together they just want a girlfriend who has no expectations of getting that ring on her finger but will be around when he needs her. This also means you may even have to go Dutch on vacations and things. This happened to me when I met my X. He had many women and was such a cheap ass he would never pay for anything. It wS amazing how he had all of these older women at his feet who would bring him gifts and buy him things yet he would never give back. Then he met me. I had no idea at first because he told me everything I wanted to hear yet he was on many dating sites all the time. We were exclusive yet I would find him on all kinds of dating sites. I found condoms, candles, nail polish, women's moisturizers, women's clothes, cut off tags from Victoria's Secret on the bathroom floor and many more things in his apartment. I was so stupid. Looking back now, I can't even believe I continued to see him. Anyway, let's move on to today's topic.
If you have dated a player or are dating a player, and you know the 'other women', you immediately should warn them if you can. Us ladies need to stick together. The only way these guys will stop is if we stick together and really listen to one another. Honestly, there are millions of guys out there. If you are approached by another woman about the guy you are dating, sit down and have coffee or even a cocktail with that lady and listen to what she tells you. If only I would have listened to my BFF about my X I would not have gone through hell like I did and almost lose my life literally plus all my life savings. My BFF was always right and shame on me for not listening to her.
This has come to light lately in my life. My X and my X. I have warned both of the other women but I do not think they are listening. Ladies, please listen to me when I tell you, these guys are players and you are wasting your time, energy and money on these losers.
What do you think you would do if you were dating a guy and was approached by another woman about him? Would you listen or would you be so desperate that you would not listen? Have some self respect and do some investigation on your man. You have to these days. If another woman approaches you, listen to her and do your research. If you think you can change a man, well you can't. What you see and hear is what you get.
I would love to hear your thoughts. Contact me at

Also, check out my new book 'The Top 10 Things Peopke Lie About on Onlibe Dating Sites and Why". Available at and Kindle.

Xoxo, Linda

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Online Dating is an Addiction!

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I want to talk about how addicting Online Dating is. First you sign up for POF. Then you post your pictures and fill out your bio. It's FREE so no worries about your cash flow. Then you start getting push messages to your phone every time someone wants to meet you.
It draws you in because you get to view millions of men and women. Once you view someone's profile, then within minutes they will view yours. It's exciting! Soon, you start looking all the time just to see who's viewed your profile. It's the first thing you look at when you wake up, and the last thing you do before you go to bed. Sometimes you even wake up in the middle of the night to see if you have any messages. It's crazy.

Then eventually you meet someone and go out on a couple dates. If you are the girl, you expect the new guy you are dating removes or hides his profile but you get the exact opposite. You go to POF and look to see if he's online and BOOM! He's online now! Immediately you are upset because you realize that he's looking for greener grass! It's hurtful and disappointing. Soon you find yourself looking at his profile all the time and he is always online now.
If you are the guy, you love the attention you are getting from the women so you have no intention of taking your profile down even if you met a nice girl. You don't want to give up that ego boost. This is where the addiction comes in.
You don't call the girl back because you think she's stalking you because she's always looking at your profile. But, you will keep her on the line just in case you need a date.
The girls get their hearts broken and the guys gets addicted. It's a vicious cycle.
If you meet someone that is worthy of your time, take your profile down and concentrate on that person. It's just the right thing to do.
Finding a person you click with is not easy so if you find one, keep them and show some respect for them and remove your profile. If things don't work out, you can always start the vicious cycle all over again. It's that simple.

Xoxo, Linda

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Online Dating and Relationship Questions?

contact me

contact Linda at -


check out out my new book "The Top 10 Things People Lie About on Online Dating Sites and Why"


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Xoxo, Linda

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contact Linda at -

Xoxo, Linda
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Over 50, Never Married and No Kids - Online Dater

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I want to talk about men that are over 50, have never been married and no kids. From my experience, this has been quite the eye opener for me. I see many men on these dating sites that have this scenario. I even saw one with when the question is asked " how long was your longest relationship"? One guy said "less than one year" huh? It makes me wonder ok, over 50, never married, no kids and longest relationship less than one year? Oh, and it says he's looking for a relationship? Huh?
To me, this guy is just looking for a hook-up. He has probably gone through life misleading a lot of women and most likely he will die a lonely old man with his care nurse taking care of him. No wife or kids to care for him. Sadly, he won't realize this until he's too old to change anything and then he"ll be desperately searching for someone to be with because he will realize that he goofed up and will end up all alone.
Then I read their profiles when they are in there 70's and suddenly they are not to picky anymore and their profiles look to be sad because they are desperately searching for someone.
Don't let this be you.
For the ladies, be very wary of men like this on online dating sites. They will take you for a ride for sure. These men will use you and are most likely cheaters and womanizers.
I met my X on He was divorced with no kids and only married for a short time previously. He told me he was never getting married again, but he changed his mind quickly when I had a job offer out of state and was going to move and leave him. 2 weeks later he asked me to marry him.
He was a good husband at times but most of the time he wasn't. He was a cheater and refused to be rid of his past girlfriends.
Now, it's been 4 years since I left the marriage after finally coming to my senses and oddly enough we are on the same online dating sites.
I read his profiles and it is just sad. He is so desperate sounding and probably now realizes that he really screwed up in our marriage. He now claims to do all the things he never did with me. Interesting.
Hell yes he fooled me big time. Ended up bringing me to my knees where I didn't think I could go on in my life but by the grace of god I made it.
He will most likely end up a lonely old man with no one to take care of him.
Hey, I may never get married again but at least I have family, children and friends to live life with so I will never really be alone. I have my children to care for me when I get old and that is comforting.
Ladies, be very careful of a man who sounds too good to be true and desperate. There is something wrong with that man. No one is perfect and everyone has faults and baggage.
Comments or questions? Contact me at

Check out my book entitled "The Top 10 Things Peopke Lie About On Onlibe Dating Sites and Why" available at or Kindle.
Click link here to get:

Xoxo, Linda

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Poor Shari.. A POF Online Dating Story

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I want to talk about this woman whom I've never met "Shari". She's on POF and I believe she has no idea that my X is calling her out in his profile. Did he say anything bad? Nope, but he did mention her name and how excited he was to meet her. Is that appropriate? I think not. It shows kind of a sick and twisted way of thinking. Why would you name the person in your profile yet still show visible and be "online now" almost 24/7?
If Shari is the one, take your profile down and show her some respect! Well, obviously Shari has no idea what's going on. She's either clueless that he's still actively looking for "greener grass" or she didn't meet his qualifications, or he didn't take her out on a proper date and wanted to have sex with her right away and hopefully she saw right through him. Oh yes, he took her name off but I think that was just inconsiderate. What is he REALLY trying to achieve by doing that? Well, I have one guess and it's probably for me to see which I did and only thing I have to say is I hope someone who knows Shari will tell her about my site so that she can see what she either avoided or in the midst of getting into.
And what's wrong with me by writing all about him? Well, my intention is to warn women of men like him. They are liars, manipulators and they tell you exactly what they want to hear.
Cheaters never change no matter how much you write it in your profile, it doesn't change who you are. I can write down in my profile that I look exactly like Pamela Anderson but it simply is Not true no matter how many times I write it. I can also say I'm a perfect 10 and I have no baggage and my life is perfect but in reality, no one is perfect and we all have baggage.
The sad part is their are no guarantees with Onlin Dating. You have to take a chance and roll the dice if you really want to find someone. Me? I am actively dating but I am very picky in fact I received an email from a man that sounded just like my X that I blocked him. I could see right through him.
Has my experience made me a better stronger person? YES it has.
I know what I am looking for and I won't settle again. My life was bad for a good 10 years and until I finally asked for the divorce and got out did I see the light.
My life is awesome now and I get to live my life with dignity. When I was with my X, he humiliated me over and over again and now I can hold my head high because I know now that I am worth more than he ever gave me credit for. Life is good, and I'll continue on the road of online dating but I will not ever let a man define me. I choose to find a man to enhance my life not make it difficult. 
I wrote a book about Online Dating it's called "the top 10 things people lie about on online dating sites and why". You should check it out, it's my #1 seller and people love it. I'll post the link below.
I would like to hear your thoughts, comments and concerns about this topic, please contact me at

Xoxo, Linda



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Forgiveness- I had a dream...

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I want to talk about forgiveness. This is a tough topic to write about but I had a dream last night about this very thing.
In my dream, an X that did me wrong many times over and then he came to a revelation and decided to come clean about a horrible thing he did. He embezzled money from me, money that I was given by the courts from years of Sexual Assault. He confessed he took the money, why he did it and how he did it. It was destroying his life because he knows people perceive him as a great guy but him and I both know the truth about what really happened.
He approached me and guess what? I forgave him without even blinking an eye. He was very remorseful and he felt so much better as a person because he realized no one is perfect and he knows what a forgiving person I am but also realizing that he has to confess and ask for forgiveness and it would be given.
People always say, you have to forgive and let go otherwise it eats you alive, makes you a bitter person and can even stop your prayer life. In the bible it says that if you hold hatred towards another person it can stop your prayers from being answered. This is true. I have forgiven him but I beg for him to ask my forgiveness too so that he can have a better life.

Money is the root of all evil and I am truly happy with my life but feel that this dream needs to come true so that we both can live an even better life.
I truly believe that if you do something bad to someone on purpose, you will pay one day. You will pay on earth and on judgement day. If you confess, you will not have to answer to that sin on judgement day. This doesn't mean just asking God for your forgiveness but also asking the person you deceived for forgiveness.
I will have respect for you again if you do this. Right now I forgive you, but I can't forget until you come clean, then we can move on with our lives and push forward.
I know you have a conscience and I always saw the best in you that's why I fell for you.
Please be the man that you are perceived to be and I will never bring this up again, EVER!

Contact me at

Xoxo, Linda

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Online Dating vs Meeting at a Bar....

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I would like to talk about Online Dating verses meeting at a Bar. In the old days before Online Dating people would meet people at bars or clubs. We really had no choice if we wanted to meet someone, we would get all dressed up sexy and go out with our girlfriends and meet and mingle with guys at bars. For me this resulted in one relationship and a child. I had met this guy at the local bar and one thing led to another and soon after we were a couple and I ended up pregnant. Not my choice, it was an " oopsy ". Obviously that relationship ended and it wasn't pretty. The guy turned out to be a drug addict and alcoholic.
When you meet someone in a bar these days you really do not know anything about the person yet you give them your digits and take a chance. You have no idea if he is telling you the truth about anything. You don't know if he has a girlfriend already that he won't claim, or if he is married, or if he is married and looking for a mistress on the side or whatever! I would also like to raise the point that if you meet someone in a bar, chances are they will be drunk or buzzed and we all know that no one is in their right mind when drunk or buzzed therefore making a responsible decision is harder to do. I mean do you really want to meet a person who is intoxicated the first time you meet? Doesn't make for a good story later and just not a good idea. This doesn't mean that I am opposed to going to bars in general, I myself love to go to local dive bars every once in awhile it's fun, I just do not go there with the intent of meeting my future partner.

Let's talk about Honesty. Honesty is hard to find these days and I am going to have to go with Online Dating as a safer bet. Online Dating is still a RISK but at least you have some idea what the person is like just by looking at their profile.
You can see their relationship status, where they live, their age ( if they are being truthful ) and their hobbies etc. These details are pretty important and if you do decide to go out with someone, let me recommend that you meet in a public place, park your car in a less obvious place in case he or she is a stalker, UBER it there which is even better, dress appropriately, don't plan to be there very long, always have either a real or made up plan after the date so that you don't get stuck there for a long time like don't make it a dinner date! Save the dinner for the second date. It's ok to meet at a bar for a drink but pay attention to how the person conducts themselves in the bar. For example, if the person drove, pay attention to how much that person drinks because if they have more than one or two drinks then drives, this could be an indication that the person has no regard for drinking and driving responsibility. You should never drink and drive that's why my advice would be if you are meeting at a bar, absolutely UBER it there and back this is just the responsible thing to do.
If when you arrive at the meeting place and the person is just not the person you were expecting, don't be rude but do not stay a long time. If the person mis-represents their-self and lies about their age, height, weight or anything else, walk away. If the person lies about one thing, they are sure to be hiding other things as well and it can never turn out well.
Let's face it, it's all a "crap-shoot" out there whether you meet someone in the grocery store, work, bar, club or Online you just have to be very careful and protect yourself as best as you can.
My book called "The Top 10 Things People Lie About on Online Dating Sites and Why" is available on and is a guide for any Online Daters out there to help you identify the people who are lying to you. Please check it out, I guarantee it will help you!


If if you have any questions or comments email me at

Just click the link below to check out the book!
XOXO, Linda

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