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Recent blog posts
Posted by on in Blog
It's All A Big Lie! He's on

Hello Readers, Linda here. You will just have to excuse me today while I vent about my X who is on Reading his profile is just shocking. Trying to make himself look like the "Perfect Catch" when in fact I know any woman will be highly disappointed. Let's start with the fact he says he's looking for "One Woman Only" . I think what he really means is one woman who won't mind sharing her man with his former girlfriends and wives who he insists on keeping in his life who call and visit while you are out of town. Yes, that's what he means! Then let's go with how he goes on and on how he WAS a professional athlete and he was but does playing only one year qualify you to brag about it over and over? I think not.
Now let's talk about "interests". Hmmm. Well, he says "dining out" well just because you order pizza take out on Saturday nights doesn't mean you like to "dine out". In fact actually going out to dinner ONE time in 10 years is more the truth. I think that "socially awkward" is more of what I would describe him as. Oh and don't let me forget the fact that he says "he is good with money, that's why we divorced". That's not at all the truth. I asked for a divorce because he was a HERMIT and would not go out in public to save his life! No movies, no dining out (only take-out), no concerts, no bars, no plays, no road trips and no "date nights". Never happened and to the poor woman who gets involved with him she will eventually figure that out on her own.
I guess the worst part was finding emails he sent to former girlfriends with half nude pictures attached of himself was pretty hurtful. Oh, and finding out after the fact that when I would go and take care of my elderly parents he would have his old girlfriends over.
Ladies, this is not a one woman man. He's not a social person in fact he's anti-social and won't even go out on the town with another couple.
On vacations, he would insist on ordering room service to avoid going out in public.
It's very scary to think someone could lie so bad on their dating profile when the real truth is he's the exact opposite of what he says.
Another thing I could not get him to go to church with me EVER but now he says he will go with his girl.
Interesting that every thing I complained about he says he no longer does. I'm sorry but I know this man better than anyone and he's got some mental disorder not sure what it is, but he is screwed up bad.
Liar, cheater, thief and overall weird is what he really is.
For the poor women who gets involved with him I feel sorry for them I really do. They have no idea what they are getting in to.
Yes it's true I met him on years ago. He lied about everything he wrote in his profile and even to my face. I ignored the lies and I wasted a good 10 years of my life. When someone lies to you in the beginning, run as fast as you can! One lie will lead to another and if you ignore and get emotionally invested, it will take you some time to get out of the mess you're in.
My book called " The Top 10 Things People Lie About on Online Dating Sites and Why" is available at and also on Kindle.
Please check it out so you can be prepared to fight off men like this and keep yourself safe. When I say "Safe" I mean that literally. You have no idea what this man tried to do to me after the separation and it's not pretty. I only thank god that I didn't turn out to be a "dateline" story.
Ladies beware.
Ok, I feel better now!

Xoxo, Linda

Posted by on in Blog
What do you do when you see your X on your Online Dating site?

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I want to talk about how to react when you see your X on the same Online Dating site that you are on. It's quite a shocker at first. I have to say it's very hard to see your X and read what they wrote in their profile when you know it's all BS.
Obviously something was wrong because they are now your X but how do you warn other people about the person? That is the question that needs to be answered.
My experience has been that when I see my X on the site and read what he writes knowing he is completely lying and deceiving the women it's hard to ignore.
I guess the only thing is to create a forum to speak out against dangerous people. is a forum I created to report Online Daters that are dangerous, liars, cheaters, thiefs etc. and it's free.
You can also read my book on Online Dating called "The Top 10 Things People Lie About on Online Dating Sites and Why". It's available on It's true stories and advice on how to spot a liar, cheater, thief or dangerous person and what to look for, warning signs and real true life experiences.
I would love to hear your feedback on how to handle seeing someone on a dating site that you know is dangerous. What would you do?

Xoxo, Linda

I, I, I, Me, Me, Me... Gets old. An Online Dating Story

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I want to talk about the guy or girl who only talks about themselves. "I, Me". If I could have only counted how many conversations in a short amount of time that was all about them. Not once did they ask any questions about me... Give me a break will ya?
Yes, they had a great career, nice home etc. but a real woman can usually see that on a first date and doesn't need to be reminded every hour or every minute of the conversation. It gets old and a woman who has their own life put together doesn't want to hear it. We are simply not impressed. When you have to tell someone over and over what a great person you are it spells out desperate. My question is this, why are they trying so hard? What issues does this person have if they have to sell themselves to you?
It's suspicious.
Another thing, when a woman says "NO" to anything that doesn't give you open range to try and talk her into it or pressure her. No means no. Especially to a woman who has her life together and knows what she wants and doesn't want.
Lesson learned: when you date a person and all they talk about is themselves and doesn't ask you any questions about you, run away. It doesn't get better and it's not a mistake that they have such a big ego or an underlying issue going on.
If the person is not interested in you enough to ask questions then something isn't right.


My my new book is out "The Top 10 Things People Lie About on Online Dating Sites and Why"

Xoxo, Linda

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Why do Men Pull Away?

Hello Readers, Linda here. I was at the salon yesterday and talking with some ladies. A couple of the ladies were dating guys who came on strong at first and then just pulled away suddenly.... Both of the ladies had similar situations with the same outcome. We as women do not understand why this happens? Is it because perhaps we have sex with them too soon? Could it be they are secretly married or have girlfriends? Is it because they feel like they are getting too attached and get scared?
What is the girl to do when he stops texting and calling? Does she text him and call him out on it? Does she remain silent and just wait for him to come around? Does she try and forget him and start dating other guys?

Remember ladies, men are natural born HUNTERS. You have to let them come to you. If you chase them. text tem constantly or call them all the time they will run faster than a 300 horse power turbo Porsche. Don't chase a guy but you must let him know you are interested. 

I am not ashamed to admit this has happened to me before and it's very puzzling. I didn't understand it until I read the book "He's Just Not That Into You". It's a great book and explains a lot about why men pull away. It's pretty simple, they are just not that into you! If they were into you they would want to spend all their free time with you and you wouldn't have to sit and ponder why you haven't heard from them. There would be no question in your mind whether they want you or not. If you met them online, they would insist you take your profile down and they would do the same. They would not want you to date anyone else!

So what's the big question or answer here? The truth is not everyone you meet that you fall for is going to feel the same way about you. Sure, they might keep you around for sex but they just aren't serious about you and they will continue to pursue other women until they find their dream girl.
It's up to you if you want to be "that girl" who sits around and waits for a guy that's just not into you. I won't be that girl and neither should you.

Another point I want to make is if you sleep with a guy too soon you run the risk of being hurt. Sex to guys is just sex unless you are his dream girl then it's a different story altogether. Women on the other hand tend to get emotional after having sex and to most guys like I said unless you are his dream girl, it's just sex, plain and simple. So the question is how do you avoid being "that girl"?

Here is my advice to any girl that is dating no matter where you met him. Don't have sex without monogamy! You should make the guy "court you" the old fashioned way. If you have sex with the guy without monogamy, he will wonder if you have sex with every guy you meet and the guy wants the girl who plays hard to get and has respect for herself and won't give it all up front. I believe once you give in and give them the whole candy store in the beginning, they lose interest fast.

After the girl talk at the salon I asked a male friend of mine why guys do that and he told me without even taking a breath "because they are chasing someone else"! Wow!

3 books I want to recommend to every single girl.
1) " The Top 10 Things Peopke Lie About on Online Dating Sites and Why, What Every Online Dater Needs to Know" by yours truly. Linda Jenkins
2) "Why Men Love Bitches" by Sherry Argov
3) "He's Just Not That Into You"! ( not sure the author)

All 3 of these books are available on

Ladies, don't sit around and wait for a guy if he's not treating you like his dream girl. If he's not showing you respect and love, move on. Remember, not every guy you fall for is the right guy for you. Don't waste your time on a guy who uses you for sex or his "plan B" girl. You deserve better and if you show him you respect yourself then he will respect you too.
I would love to hear your feedback about this topic!


Contact me at


XOXO, Linda


Posted by on in Blog
How Does One Get Over A Break-up?

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I want to talk about how to get over a break up, divorce or relationship. First off, I'm not an expert but I do have some tips on what helped me.
It took me a good 3 years to get over my divorce. I took my time, meaning I didn't jump into another relationship right away. When I thought I was ready, I started dating only to find out I wasn't ready yet to open my heart to someone else I guess that will just take time.
I cried a lot, felt sorry for myself at times but I suffered through it and it made me stronger and more selective. Having those 3 years gave me time to realize what I do and do not want in my next relationship.
I think jumping right into another relationship immediately after a break up, relationship or divorce is definitely not the right thing to do in most cases anyway, I know of a few exceptions but for the most part you need time to get over that someone.
During my 3 years post divorce, I started a business, wrote 2 books and started another career that is mentally stimulating. I say to anyone who is going through a break-up, relationship, or divorce give yourself time and don't date until you are ready. You will know when you are ready well, because you will just know. If you need to relocate your residence I would suggest that too. I recently moved to an oceanfront condo on the beach where it is nearly impossible to reap in my sadness of my divorce because I look out at the ocean and it's so calming and peaceful that all I think about now is my future and what kind of man that God is going to bring into my life. I know he's coming and I'm ready for him now.
So, if you are fresh out of a relationship, pick yourself up and start doing things that you have always dreamed about. Start working out and hanging out with old and new friends. Take your time needed to mourn but start living again! You can do this, I know I did and I never thought I could.
Xoxo, Linda

"Masterdate" by my friend George Reagan on sale only .99 on Kindle!

Hello Readers, Linda here. My friend and fellow author George Reagan is featuring his famous dating book for guys called "Masterdate" on Kindle for only .99 cents! This book is a great gift for the Single guy or even Single girl! It is a great guide to help guys understand what to do and what not to do in today's dating world. I highly recommend this book. I have read it and laughed my way through it as George is incredibly talented and knowledgeable about the dating world for the guys and ladies, it's a great read to help you understand how the guys think about dating.
Get it now while it's on sale!
Xoxo, Linda

Posted by on in Blog
Kanye West has a HUGE crush on Beyoncé!

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I want to talk about Kanye's huge crush on Beyoncé. It's obvious that he has a thing for her because he cannot keep his trap shut about her.. He is just ridiculous. I'm sorry, but if I were Kim I would be hugely upset. I mean what he said about Beck was totally out of line! Who does he think he is that he can tell who gets the Grammy and who doesn't? He's not the glorified Grammy Judge!
Looks like Beck wrote most of his songs and played most of the instruments on his album that's why he won the Grammy. He is a very talented singer/songwriter who deserved what he got. Beyoncé on the other hand while totally gifted is not a songwriter or musician.
Kanye, keep your mouth shut you're beginning to look like a racist after trying to take Taylor Swifts and Beck's Grammy from them by ways of verbal intimidation... Get over it dude, you're not ALL THAT!
Xoxo, Linda

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Don't be a HATER! Online Dating.....

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I want to talk about people on Online Dating sites that send you "hate mails". This happens to me all the time. I am on and on it has a section where you check off what kind of person you are looking for. For example, I am looking for someone at least 6'1 and up because I have found that men lie about their height all the time so if they say they are at least 6'1 then that means that they are at least 6 feet tall which is acceptable for me.
Another example is you get to pick which ethnicity of person you would prefer so you simply just check the options.
So, I get an email from a short, much younger and not the ethnicity I am looking for who continues to stalk me on the site calling me a "racist" among other things.
Do you think people read your entire profile? I don't. I think they simply just look at your picture and send emails. It is just frustrating. Please people read the entire profile before contacting the person, there is a Good reason why they ask you all of those questions!
Xoxo, Linda

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When you love someone like that. A dating story.

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I want to talk about a true dating story. This is not an Online Dating story but my friend met a guy at a bar story. It all started at the Sports Bar. At first she gave him the cold shoulder because well she's just that way. She is gorgeous and can get away with it. He was immediately fascinated with her because she shined him on. Eventually he got her attention and the chemistry was out of the box fantastic, electric and sexy. They spent the evening together.
He called her the next day for a date. Now, I don't advocate one night stands and obviously there was alcohol involved, too much!
She agreed to go on a date. He took her to a Sushi place. He looked so cute and even got up from the table to her side of the table and kissed her in front of everyone! He was into her and so was she into him. They texted every day and saw each other for over a month a lot.
They even spent New Years Eve together! Had the perfect midnight kiss picture taken it was perfect, or so she thought.
Soon after that night he stopped texting and calling... Oh, I forgot he made it to her place one last night and even left his clothes there.
Now, after that she never heard from him. At this point she was "All in". She let her guard down and was falling fast and then he just stopped.
She was heartbroken and confused. She decided to text him and ask him why she hasn't heard from him? He told her he "just didn't think about it"!
What a jerk! Was there another woman involved? Probably...
This is why you should date someone before getting intimate. Women, you know when we get intimate we get involved with our hearts and guys don't. They don't think the way we do, to them it's just sex.
This is a fragile subject but it's very important to understand that guys think different than girls.
Don't jump in unless you are prepared to get your heart broken. I can say that my friend definitely got her heart broken and I hope has learned a valuable lesson.
Guys can be real jerks but they only treat you the way you let them. Date a guy for awhile before getting intimate, it will be worth it, hell, you're worth the wait! Value yourself and don't give it away without monogamy....
Love you girlfriend, I will always be here to support you....
Xoxo, Linda

KittyLickerXXX wants to meet you? A POF dating story...

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I want to tell you about a POF (plenty of fish) dater KittyLickerXXX! How disgusting is that? Why does POF allow these types of users on their site anyway? They should really have a team of screeners like does to screen the users! Seriously I am going to report him if he's looking for that there are sites out there for him but let's try and keep POF half way respectable by reporting users like him.
I did look at his profile picture and he's just gross looking. What is it with these guys? If anyone knows anything please enlighten me. Just because something is free doesn't mean you can abuse your intentions. POF is a dating site not a solicit sex site (well it's supposed to be anyway).
Have some class dude and get off this site!
Xoxo, Linda

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