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Recent blog posts

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Girls Night Out - Younger Men

Hello Readers, Linda here. Whoa it was a crazy night! 3 of us girls on the town. Ages 48, 44 and 28. It all started with Patron shots at my place. we proceeded to walk through the crowds downtown and into a pizza place for a quick bite to soak up some of the Tequila shots. The owner of the place was bringing us free desserts I guess we were a little festive and next thing you know the chef was sending me free drinks... I drank a couple then poured into a plastic soda cup with a straw and on to the next bar we go a place called Legends. We never have to wait in line for some reason we are well known downtown by the bouncers so we get right in. I admit it's a nice luxury I mean who wants to wait in line! And it doesn't hurt we are 3 hot ladies! 

We find a seat at the bar upstairs and let the drama begin, my daughter gets us free drinks and is quickly approached by a handsome Marine whom she gives the cold shoulder which makes him pursue her even more but she knows exactly what she is doing after all she's read the "Why Men Love Bitches" book and listens to mommys advice pretty well on how to handle guys. Meanwhile, I just sit back and watch , I'm not allowed to tell anyone I'm the mother so we tell everyone were sisters and people believe us. Thank you Dr. Mowlavi my personal plastic surgeon! By the time we leave he begs her for her number and she gives it to him. He was hot! Why can't I be 20 years younger?  

We move along to the next bar called Dogz. It's the coolest bar downtown and again, we don't have to wait in line because it's my "Oops I did it again" Papparazi guy that runs the bar so we get right in and who do I run into immediately? A POF date who looks surprised to see me? Yes, I have a life outside of you and no, I'm not sitting around at home waiting for your call! So I say a polite hello and work my way through the crowd. The place was so busy I didn't get to talk to my Papparazi guy so that was a bummer but I saw him last weekend so I'm good for now. Lol

We meet a gal in Dogz and strike up conversation about Online Dating and she shows us a Dick Pic from a guy that was so bad I mean who does that? And she didn't even ask for it! It's one thing if you ask for it but read my blog "Please don't send me a Dick Pic" and that will explain my feelings on that subject. Meanwhile we are getting hit on by younger guys, I mean it's flattering and these younger guys are not that dumb! Us older ladies have it going on for sure and they know it. We decide to move along to the next bar even though we could have had our pick of any of the younger guys there...LOL

The next bar is a dive bar but still pretty popular and the two girls are pretty hammered by now I'm holding off because I need to write today and don't want the hangover so we go in again, bypassing the line and we find a place at the bar and order more drinks. We flirt with some guys, dance to "I like big butts and I cannot lie"... lol. I was getting tired after all I am the mother and the oldest so I said a quick goodbye and walk home. I get into my Jammie's and just when I'm ready to fall asleep, my phone rings. It's my daughter telling me our friend is drunk and coming to my place to crash. I quickly get up and prepare my spare bedroom for her and soon she arrives and gets into bed and passes out. 

My daughter tells me she's staying with the MARINE AND HEADS ON OUT THE DOOR. I WAKE UP TO A CALL FROM MY DAUGHTER AND SHES ON HER WAY TO PICK UP OUR FRIEND. WE ALL LAUGH AND IT WAS A SCREAMING GOOD TIME I MEAN THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS ON LADIES NIGHT, We all have a good laugh and one of us in not in our own clothes but wearing a marine hat and marine hoodie...LMAO! I think....

xoxo, Linda

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Janay Rice - In Denial

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I would like to talk about Janay Rice, Ray Rice's wife. I just watched her interview with Matt Lauer on the Today Show. My thoughts are that this is a woman who is in love truly. I do believe she loves him. I too was in a domestic violence marriage. I too was in denial like her. I stayed at first and endured several beatings until the time it happened to me in front of my 2 year old son. At that point I finally woke up and got out of there. My X has been in and out of jail several times for beating up his girlfriend and he has not changed at all. 

Janay and her mother swore this has never happened before but I'm not sure I believe them. Her mother said this is the last time and that it will never happen again. That is a typical reaction from an abused woman. Maybe Janay's mother was abused? I don't know so I will not say but I do not understand her supporting her daughter's bad choices. I don't care who you are, you can be the President of the United States and if you are an abuser, you are an abuser. 99% of abusers never change especially if they don't get help. 

Janay refuses to put a label on what happened to her which again is a typical denial response of an abused woman. She even admitted she was lead to participate in the press interview but really did not want to be there. I don't blame her, I would have been embarrassed and humiliated as she clearly was. 

Matt pointed out that he apologized to his fans publicly but never to his wife at the press conference. I believe he didn't because this wasn't the first incident and he knows she won't leave him. You would think if this was the first time he would have shown remorse for his actions in public and told his wife he was sorry but he didn't. Janay claims he has said he was sorry to her in private and I believe that. I also believe he told her it would never happen again but I don't believe that. Time will tell for sure.

I am outraged with Janay's mother for not trying to help her get out of that marriage ASAP. As a mother, you help your kids not encourage a dangerous situation. 

I think both Janay and her mother need to get educated on Domestic Violence and Abuse. I know this will happen again and this won't be the last we hear about this couple in the media. I will not support any team that picks him up right now. I think if I see him try and reinvent himself similiar to what Michael Vick did then I can support him but until that time I hope the NFL takes a stand against this behavior and makes him prove himself.

XOXO, Linda

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"Masterdate"  by George Reagan - A Must Read!

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I want to tell you about a new book by George Reagan entitled “Masterdate – The Handy Guide to Internet Dating for Guys”.

I just finished reading this book. At first, as a woman I was skeptical thinking what do I need to know about Internet Dating for Guys? After all I am Linda from who just published my first book called “The Top 10 Things People Lie about on Online Dating Sites and Why”. What could I possibly learn that I didn’t know already?

Boy was I wrong! I knew nothing, nada, and zero about what guys think about themselves, dating, sex and relationships. I never knew so many guys had self-confidence issues. Guys can put on a good game in front of us girls that’s for sure! I learned so much from this book as I reflected back to my many Online Dates and I could see all of the scenarios that happened to me. This book is a “MUST READ” for any guy or girl that is an Online Dater. For the guys, this book will help you in your pursuit of self-confidence when Online Dating. Let me tell you from a girl’s point of view, there is nothing sexier than a guy who is self-confident. Why else would we girls find married men so attractive? It is because they are self-confident! They are not out to impress a lady because they have one at home already. If you do not have self-confidence, this book will tell you exactly how to get it. George points out how to tell if a guy is self-confident or not simply by how far away he stand from the urinal in a public restroom! LMAO... If the guy stands far away, chances are he is self-confident (no matter what size he is). If a guy stands too close than this is a sign he may have self-confidence issues. BTW, we girls pay attention to how long you spend in the bathroom meaning “WASH YOUR HANDS GUYS”! We girls would really appreciate it!

Take all of your clothes off in private and look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself “Would you date you”? If the answer is no or even if it is yes than you need to read this book ASAP. George points out how to gain your self-confidence where even you would date you! LOL.

Personal hygiene is another topic that George discusses in his book. This is a BIGGIE guys! Pay close attention to what George has to say!

Write a funny but intelligent bio. Girls love a guy that can make them laugh! This is what gets our attention when reading your bios. Also, “SPELL CHECK” your bio before you publish it! If you claim to be a CEO and you cannot spell, then this is a big red flag for us girls.

Choose recent pictures. Girls don’t care what you looked like 5 years ago! This is 2014, post a recent (by yourself) picture. Don’t post a profile picture with a lot of people in it where we have to guess which one is you. (This is a big pet peeve of mine by the way). Make sure you are dressed nice too. George talks all about this in the book, pay attention!

Rejection. This happens to all of us no doubt even if you are a Brad Pitt look alike if your bio is mean, arrogant, self-centered or rude you won’t get the responses you are looking for. Remember, it’s not all about you!

First dates. I loved this chapter because George NAILED IT! I was reading and laughing out loud because everything he wrote is so true! George talks about all of the uncomfortable things that happen on a first date or meet and greet. George gives great advice on this very subject. He spells out exactly how a guy should approach a first date or meet and greet. Pay attention, he’s spot on with this! (I’m beginning to like George a lot, it’s like he’s the male version of me)...LOL George even talks about the next dates (2, 3, etc.). What do you do or not do? Well, George will tell you and he’s absolutely right.

Seduction vs. Romance. Again, George nails it here as well for this topic. I’m beginning to wonder how George knows so much about how we girls think? I know, he must have grown up with 10 sisters! LOL. After reading this chapter I am excited to go and update my own bio because I learned so much. When should you kiss? Do you expect to get laid on the first date? This chapter is the “go to” for any guy to help him decipher of what to do and when to do it.

Communication. How to communicate with a girl one on one or even in a group setting. How do you act? Well, George will tell you and remember he talks from experience as he tells his personal stories in the book. (Just fascinating)

Expectations. What should you expect on a first date or meet and greet or even the dates after? George explains this in detail so you don’t feel rejected if things don’t go your way.

Finding love. Is it possible? Yes! George talks about the perfect situation in which it is very possible to fall in love.

My advice? Guys and Girls need to read this book if you are an Online Dater or know someone who is. This book would make a great gift to an Online Dater (especially the guys). George did an excellent job in explaining what Online Daters really feel like, no sugar coating here!

I am so happy I read this book and I highly recommend it! “Masterdate – The Handy Guide to Internet Dating For Guys”

XOXO, Linda

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Outraged about Ray Rice!

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I would like to talk about Ray Rice. He won his appeal with the NFL! I do not understand this decision? He knocked his wife out in the elevator then pretended like she passed out drunk? What in the heck is the NFL thinking? This obviously shows that you can abuse your wife if you are a NFL player and get away with it?
Did he ever get ordered to go to domestic violence classes? Anger management? Anything? I don't think so or at least it's not in the news...
How could they let this happen? And let's talk about the idiots that were wearing Ray Rice Jerseys right after he got suspended! What is happening to this country where we tolerate this type of behavior and support the violator?
Next thing we'll see Adrian Peterson allowed to come back to the Vikings after physically abusing his kids!
I appeal to the owner of the Ravens to officially fire Ray Rice or release him from the team in support for all of the abused women out there. I don't care if his idiot wife married him, in my opinion her opinion doesn't matter. Let them just go live their lives and beat each other up on their own but don't, please don't let him back into the NFL. Hey, I'm all about second chances but let's see him take some domestic violence and anger management classes first!
Let's compare him for a moment to Michael Vick the infamous dog fighter/killer. He served his time in jail and speaks around the country about how bad dog fighting is, ok? He is rehabilitating himself so therefore yes, give him another chance but I see nothing, nada, zero about Ray Rice doing anything like Michael Vick did.
Why wasn't he arrested? They changed the laws now after OJ to leave it up to the state to press charges and as far as I know, he was never charged for what he did?
I guarantee that when they let him back in, this will not be an isolated incident. This will happen again because if he is not electing to get help then it will happen again. His wife needs anger management classes too because it showed in the video how she was aggravating him and hitting him too! That is just wrong. Ray Rice's wife needs counseling and anger management classes too. In addition they have a daughter together. This cannot be good for their child to be in a domestic violence home.
I just don't understand....
XOXO, Linda

Free Botox With Any Consultation - Just Mention

Hello Readers, Linda here. Dr. Mowlavi is offering 10 free units of Botox with any consultation if you mention!
Laguna Beach, Ca. 949-499-4147
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Bill Cosby - Say It Isn't So!

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I would like to talk about the allegations of Bill Cosby and Sexual Assault. I have been paying close attention to these stories and recently the Super model Janice Dickinson came out with her story of how he Sexually Assaulted her in a Hotel room in Lake Tahoe while promising to help her with her career.
Sexual Predators come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. We all love Bill Cosby in fact he makes me laugh so hard I cry sometimes! He is a funny guy and well respected and liked by most people. We all felt really bad for him when he lost his son to a carjacking incident years ago, that was very sad.
I am writing this to say I believe these women. I'm sorry if you disagree with me but from my own personal experience I have learned a lot about Sexual Predators. They are most often well liked and respected and always willing to lend a hand to a naive woman. This has happened to me, not with Bill Cosby but with someone a lot like him. This for me went on for seven years and I was the only lady with enough guts to finally turn him in. For victims of Sexual Assault, we go through a stream of emotions from anger to embarrassment to humiliation and guilt. This is a traumatic experience for a woman to go through because most times everyone believes the Sexual Predator and not the victim, after all how could such an outstanding man do something so horrible? Those outstanding men know exactly what they are doing and use their influence and power to manipulate a lady.
I am in process of writing my true story on this very subject and my goal is to help people men and women in how to cope and what to do and not to do if this happens to you.
Shame on Bill Cosby and I hope his victims get the help they need and I really hope Bill Cosby comes out and admits what he did. I doubt that will happen but it would be the right thing to do. My Sexual Predator never admitted all the things he did to me and I believe if he did then it would help me but he's not going to and neither is Bill Cosby.
I hope all the women he assaulted come out if the woodwork and file a class action lawsuit against him.

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Ladies and Gentlemen - Groom Yourself!

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I want to talk about a sensitive subject about grooming yourselves. too many times I will run into men and women who simply do not groom themselves. For the men, there is a tool called a hair remover. when men get older, they grow hair in their noses and ears. if you are a man, you need to get that tool which is available at and remove the hair in your noses and ears. another place for both men and women is their private areas. The private areas need to be groomed up to. 

For the women, please shave your mustaches! There is nothing worse than seeing a woman with a mustache! The same goes for any other facial hair including hair in the nose or on the chin or even on the face. this is just something us women need to do! have you ever worked with a lady who has a mustache and you just want to tell her so bad but you don't have the guts? Yes, me too. I certainly don't want to hurt anyone's feelings so if you know someone , male or female that needs to groom themselves, send them this blog and maybe they will ready it!

xoxo, Linda

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Mark Sanchez - Philadelphia  Eagles

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I want to talk Footblall, specifically Eagles QB Mark Sanchez. I have been a Sanchez fan since USC. He got drafted to the NY Jets and played awesome until they threw him in at a PreSeason game and he got injured. That put him out the entire season but before that they made him compete with Geno Smith whom I watched on Draft Day and found him to be arrogant and a " too good for anyone kind of attitude". Then to my horror, the Jets drafted him! I thought to myself, this can't be good. That guy has the wrong attitude and in my mind I believe he wasn't happy to be with the jets but took it because he had no other choice. He thought he would be a top draft pick but ended up a later draft pick. He was not happy and you could see it on his face. I never watched him play before but clearly when competing with Sanchez, Sanchez was the true expert. So, Geno became the back-up. Now, if you ask me, Matt Simms who is Phil Simms son, should have gotten the back up position, he is much more talented then Geno not to mention, Geno after getting the starting job after Sanchez got hurt, became even more arrogant and even got into some legal troubles at the Airport.
Clearly this guy is a thug and even yelled an obscenity at a fan in a recent game because his non- skills were showing on the field and now he has found himself benched after the poor Jets record.
Sanchez on the other hand has always taken the high road, never bad mouthing anyone in the press or in private. He has a true upstanding character and he is a hell of a Football player. Going to the Eagles was the best move Chip Kelly and Sanchez has made.
He shines now that Foles is out with an injury and he will prove to all the naysayers that they were wrong saying anything bad about him.
On his allotted time off he is either practicing or doing charity work.
Mark Sanchez is one of the best guys in Football and I am finally happy to see him shine again! Fly Sanchez Fly!

XOXO, Linda

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Single Friends and The Holidays

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I would like to talk about being Single and the upcoming Holidays. The holidays can be a very lonely time for a lot of people, single people especially can get easily depressed over the holidays. You might be surprised to know exactly how many single people spend Thanksgiving and Christmas alone!
No one really wants to be alone on the holidays and this is where your friends should step up and invite their single friends over for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Are you having a holiday party? Don't forget to include your single friends. Who knows, maybe your friends will meet another friend of yours and make a love connection? It could happen but most of all, don't let your single friends be alone on the holidays!
XOXO, Linda

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