Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I want to talk about the different Online Dating Sites. Some are free, some are not. Plenty of Fish is a free site. Unfortunately on POF you get a lot of undesirable people because it is free. I have met several guys on POF who are on that site simply because it is free and they had no income to pay for a better site. Everyone wants free things but if you are on POF, you will notice the quality of Online Daters is just not there. I'm not saying that a miracle couldn't happen where you could meet a nice, honest, loyal, working person on POF but I haven't yet. I have met some nice guys that have become friends but no one of quality yet. This is simply so true the old cliche "you get what you pay for".
Match.com is not a free dating site and I do believe the quality of Online Daters are better on there because they actually have to pay and the price these days is not cheap for Match.com. I remember in 2002 when I first joined Match.com I believe it was 19.99. Today it is much pricier and you have to watch your bank account because they will auto charge you. If you want to keep the price low, cancel after the first month and they will send you millions of emails to come back at a discounted price!
Obviously, you will no doubt see the same Online Daters on several different sites free or not. I am pretty sure people are just trying to be on every site possible in order to meet someone but you just have to be very careful of the free sites because there are a lot of losers and looneys on the free sites.
I tried E-harmony once but I found it to be too restrictive and too much trouble. These days, people want that phone app so they can check real quick when someone notifies them. Most sites make it very easy to view your matches and communicate with other Online Daters.
I say if you are serious about finding a love match, you may want to pay for an Online Dating site because the quality of people is just better. If you just want to date and hook up then the free sites may work for you but remember, it's free so it's a crap shoot of what you're going to attract. To me, quality is so much more important than quantity and on the free sites you will gets lots of quantity but not the quality you deserve.

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Xoxo, Linda