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Hello I am a blogger and and an author. I speak from my experiences only as I am not a doctor. I do consider myself an expert when it comes to relationship advice only because of what I have been through in my life experiences with Men and Dating and Marriages.
I hope you enjoy my blogs and more than that I hope they can help you or someone else!
xoxo, Linda

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Bill Cosby - Say It Isn't So!

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I would like to talk about the allegations of Bill Cosby and Sexual Assault. I have been paying close attention to these stories and recently the Super model Janice Dickinson came out with her story of how he Sexually Assaulted her in a Hotel room in Lake Tahoe while promising to help her with her career.
Sexual Predators come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. We all love Bill Cosby in fact he makes me laugh so hard I cry sometimes! He is a funny guy and well respected and liked by most people. We all felt really bad for him when he lost his son to a carjacking incident years ago, that was very sad.
I am writing this to say I believe these women. I'm sorry if you disagree with me but from my own personal experience I have learned a lot about Sexual Predators. They are most often well liked and respected and always willing to lend a hand to a naive woman. This has happened to me, not with Bill Cosby but with someone a lot like him. This for me went on for seven years and I was the only lady with enough guts to finally turn him in. For victims of Sexual Assault, we go through a stream of emotions from anger to embarrassment to humiliation and guilt. This is a traumatic experience for a woman to go through because most times everyone believes the Sexual Predator and not the victim, after all how could such an outstanding man do something so horrible? Those outstanding men know exactly what they are doing and use their influence and power to manipulate a lady.
I am in process of writing my true story on this very subject and my goal is to help people men and women in how to cope and what to do and not to do if this happens to you.
Shame on Bill Cosby and I hope his victims get the help they need and I really hope Bill Cosby comes out and admits what he did. I doubt that will happen but it would be the right thing to do. My Sexual Predator never admitted all the things he did to me and I believe if he did then it would help me but he's not going to and neither is Bill Cosby.
I hope all the women he assaulted come out if the woodwork and file a class action lawsuit against him.

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Ladies and Gentlemen - Groom Yourself!

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I want to talk about a sensitive subject about grooming yourselves. too many times I will run into men and women who simply do not groom themselves. For the men, there is a tool called a hair remover. when men get older, they grow hair in their noses and ears. if you are a man, you need to get that tool which is available at and remove the hair in your noses and ears. another place for both men and women is their private areas. The private areas need to be groomed up to. 

For the women, please shave your mustaches! There is nothing worse than seeing a woman with a mustache! The same goes for any other facial hair including hair in the nose or on the chin or even on the face. this is just something us women need to do! have you ever worked with a lady who has a mustache and you just want to tell her so bad but you don't have the guts? Yes, me too. I certainly don't want to hurt anyone's feelings so if you know someone , male or female that needs to groom themselves, send them this blog and maybe they will ready it!

xoxo, Linda

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Mark Sanchez - Philadelphia  Eagles

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I want to talk Footblall, specifically Eagles QB Mark Sanchez. I have been a Sanchez fan since USC. He got drafted to the NY Jets and played awesome until they threw him in at a PreSeason game and he got injured. That put him out the entire season but before that they made him compete with Geno Smith whom I watched on Draft Day and found him to be arrogant and a " too good for anyone kind of attitude". Then to my horror, the Jets drafted him! I thought to myself, this can't be good. That guy has the wrong attitude and in my mind I believe he wasn't happy to be with the jets but took it because he had no other choice. He thought he would be a top draft pick but ended up a later draft pick. He was not happy and you could see it on his face. I never watched him play before but clearly when competing with Sanchez, Sanchez was the true expert. So, Geno became the back-up. Now, if you ask me, Matt Simms who is Phil Simms son, should have gotten the back up position, he is much more talented then Geno not to mention, Geno after getting the starting job after Sanchez got hurt, became even more arrogant and even got into some legal troubles at the Airport.
Clearly this guy is a thug and even yelled an obscenity at a fan in a recent game because his non- skills were showing on the field and now he has found himself benched after the poor Jets record.
Sanchez on the other hand has always taken the high road, never bad mouthing anyone in the press or in private. He has a true upstanding character and he is a hell of a Football player. Going to the Eagles was the best move Chip Kelly and Sanchez has made.
He shines now that Foles is out with an injury and he will prove to all the naysayers that they were wrong saying anything bad about him.
On his allotted time off he is either practicing or doing charity work.
Mark Sanchez is one of the best guys in Football and I am finally happy to see him shine again! Fly Sanchez Fly!

XOXO, Linda

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Single Friends and The Holidays

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I would like to talk about being Single and the upcoming Holidays. The holidays can be a very lonely time for a lot of people, single people especially can get easily depressed over the holidays. You might be surprised to know exactly how many single people spend Thanksgiving and Christmas alone!
No one really wants to be alone on the holidays and this is where your friends should step up and invite their single friends over for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Are you having a holiday party? Don't forget to include your single friends. Who knows, maybe your friends will meet another friend of yours and make a love connection? It could happen but most of all, don't let your single friends be alone on the holidays!
XOXO, Linda

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Cosmetic Surgery- Laguna Beach, California

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I would like to talk about Cosmetic Surgery. First off, I want to advocate that I am a true believer in Cosmetic Surgery. I think that anyone that wants some work done, they should definitely go for it! I myself have the BEST Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon in California. I was referred to him by My friend who does my eyebrows. Did I mention that his rates are super reasonable? You won't find better rates in Orange County!
I have had a few things done and Dr. Arian Mowlavi is my go to guy for all my Cosmetic Surgery needs. Dr. Mowlavi is so personable and he really cares how his patients not only look, but how they feel! He always tells me during my procedures "Linda, you're going to "LOVE IT"! I have to say he's been right every time. I am so happy with my results that I decided to refer him over and over to my friends and even strangers I meet.
Dr. Mowlavi is exactly what I needed after my divorce. It really helped turn my life around in a positive direction because the work I have had done makes me feel good about myself again! I went through a very hard divorce where my X-husband told me that I would never find anyone as good as him EVER! He was wrong! I not only have more self-confidence, but I have realized that I don't NEED a man but if I WANT one, I don't have to look far. I'm not saying that the answer to getting over a divorce is Cosmetic Surgery, but I can say it sure helped me along! LOL...
Dr. Mowlavi's staff are so professional and dedicated to making your experience the best it can possibly be. First off, you are not greeted by a snotty receptionist but a Happy, Bubbly, Positive Receptionist who really knows how to treat people. Dr. Mowlavi's assistant James is another great guy! He's funny and makes you feel at ease and very comfortable!
I cannot recommend Dr. Mowlavi highly enough and if you are in the market for the best Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, please go see Dr, Mowlavi! I guarantee you will not be dissapointed! His talent is unlimited! I look at least 10+ years younger after having all my work done and I feel great! If you look good, you will feel even better as a person and be more productive.
His office phone number is 949-499-4147 and his website is
In addition, Dr. Mowlavi's advertisement is on this page of my website as well.
XOXO, Linda

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Alcohol and Online Dating

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I would like to talk about Alcohol and Online Dating. When you go out for a first meet and greet with a person you met on an Online Dating site, please be careful of your alcohol intake. There are times and I will admit to this myself, that I have had too much to drink at a first meet and greet. I always Uber my way there and back because it is never OK to drink and drive, but the reason I may drink too much is that I am simply nervous! This can happen to the best of us. My rule is and I would have to agree with Patti Stanger is a 2 drink maximum!
After you have reached your maximum, then you can drink water to help flush out the alcohol.
We all know that alcohol tends to impair our thinking and common sense and you may end up doing something you will regret later. In addition, the person your are meeting with is always taking mental notes even if you thnk they are not paying attention, believe me they are so IF you drink too much, you may never hear from that person again. As always, first impressions are lasting impressions and you always want to be in control of yourself and your situation so don't let the alcohol get the best of you and possibly ruin a potential lasting relationship with someone on a dating site!
My new book is out called " The Top 10 Things People Lie About On Online Dating Sites And a Why". What a Every Online Dater Needs To Know! It's available on or this very page on my blog site!

XOXO, Linda

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Renee Zellweger - She Had Some Work Done. Big Deal!

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I would like to talk about Renee Zellweger. Recently she came out with a brand new unrecognizable face. The media is all over this new development with her and it's all over the tabloids. Honestly, she is an adult over the age of 18! If she wants to get some work done on her body then more power to her. I don't think it will affect the fact that she is a great actress. I remember watching her in the musical "Chicago". She was brilliant in that role and who knew she could dance like that? That is one of my all time favorite movies/musicals which clearly shows her talent as an actress along with her roles in "Cold Mountain" and "Jerry Maguire" and many more. She is a very beautiful and talented actress for sure.

Let's talk about the work she had done. Obviously she had work done to her face and I believe she looks even more beautiful and I want to give her a thumbs up for having the courage to go for it and get her work done knowing that the media will scrutinize her as much as they did the late Joan Rivers. Joan Rivers took it to the extreme though and I believe became obsessed with the Plastic Surgery. I remember seeing her (Joan Rivers) at the Airport and she did not even look older than 13 in my opinion. She took it too far obviously but she felt good and she believed she looked good.

Looking good is a huge factor in feeling good about yourself. I believe when you feel good about yourself you achieve more in life. Feeling good about yourself involves much more than your looks but the way you look is definitely a biggie. I myself don't feel good about myself unless I look good. Have I had work done? YES! Absolutely! Do I feel better about myself? YES! Absolutely!

There was a time in my life where I discovered a thyroid problem and I lost most of my hair. That was about 4 years ago. I gained about 25 pounds and divorced my husband. It was a horrible time in my life but I am growing my hair back and lost the excess weight. Most importantly my thyroid issue is under control but I have had some work done and even though I am not famous like Renee, I still heard noise from some of my friends and family but I do not care what they think, you see, you have to get over that worrying what other people think. Unfortunately, Renee will always be ridiculed for her makeover in the media and magazines but I am sure deep down inside she feels much better about herself. That is all that matters.

Let's embrace her changes and continue to foster her career as one of the best actresses in our lifetime and leave her alone.
XOXO, Linda

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Monica Lewinsky - She was not Alone!

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I want to talk about Monica Lewinsky. For those who do not remember, she was caught in a White House scandal with then President Bill Clinton. It was determined that she gave him oral sex on several occasions. She was only 23 years old at the time and President Clinton was much older and wiser, after all he WAS the President! She decided to come out and create a twitter account and also talk about her side of the story. For years she has been humiliated by her indiscretion with the former President. My opinion is that she got the brunt of the blame of the entire incident. That is simply not fair! The former President first denied any sexual contact with Ms. Lewinsky until it was finally proven that he was lying. Was he impeached? Yes, but later he was acquitted on the charge. He just goes on with his life like nothing ever happened and Ms. Lewinsky has to pay for this for the rest of her life. Not FAIR!

Then there is the matter that the former President was is married and his wife chose to stay with him even after all of this. I believe she has political motivations for staying with him and I guarantee that this is not the first or last affair he had or will have. Shame on Hilary for putting up with that infidelity! Then to run Ms. Lewinsky's name through the mud like she was the only one at fault? Ridiculous!

This happens way too often where the men get away with everything but the woman is viewed as a s%^t or home wrecker. It takes two to tango and he needs to take the blame for his part.
Now she is speaking out on what happened and is getting ridiculed by the Media. This is America where we have freedom of speech and you cannot tell me that the former President didn't flirt or entice Ms. Lewinsky into having oral sex. He was much older, married, the President and morally responsible to attain a Presidential role model and citizen as the President. Shame on the media and shame on the former President Clinton for not coming to the defense of Ms. Lewinsky at this time.

Was she wrong? Of course she was wrong but so was the President. I am not giving Ms. Lewinsky a pass but lets call it like it is and not make this out to be all her fault.
I was a victim of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault in the workplace and I can totally understand how easy it would be for her to be pulled in by the former President. Obviously she wanted to do what she did and it was a mistake but lets all get over the mistake she made and give her some credit for speaking out and coming out of hiding. By the way, my Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault was not wanted by me and I suffered for over 10 years and I still have symptoms to this day. Scandals like these are most always his word against hers and the public and the media will spin the issue to whatever side they are on. Where are all of the Women's rights people who should be standing behind Ms. Lewinsky at this time?

In my heart I believe that this whole "coming out" with Ms. Lewinsky could go a lot smoother if the former President had the balls to stand behind Ms. Lewinsky at this time. It would show great character on his part, something that he is lacking as a Man who cowards and hides behind the media while Ms. Lewinsky is going through her own private nightmare.

“I am determined to have a different ending to my story. I've decided, finally, to stick my head above the parapet so that I can take back my narrative and give a purpose to my past,” she wrote.

More power to her, I think she should speak out and say what she wants, after all it is her constitutional right.

XOXO, Linda

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