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Reviewer’s Name/Alias: A Forth long term victim of Emme
Number 4 and counting. We were all used.
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: Number 5 Number 5
Number 5 and counting
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: Her Target
Victim Number 5 and counting. I’ve not had a sociopath in my life before. It’s truly crazy making and I think I have PTSD now.
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: Dater of Emme
5 reviews and looks like I’m number 6, with some new information. From Linda - This EMME is really a piece of work. I wish someone would post her picture.. XOXO, Linda
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: Was Gaslighted
Wow. Read all these posts on Emme. I dated her. I just looked her up on My Life. She is 60 now. Margaret J. Rozbicka is married to Thomas A. Goodheart. I didn’t know that much about here till I say your website and started researching. The other posts here are an eye opener. Nice website.
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: Margaret
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