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Polite but I was not interested.
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: huesero
Profile Image: thumb_Screenshot_20190717-022145
Crazy bitch
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: huesero
Catfishing fool, liar, user, cock teaser, philanderer
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: hanaleidreamin
She's a fake
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: Helpingothers
Emme is 56 years old. Her profile says 50 or 51 now. She is married and has 3 kids. Emme has multiple personalities . I'm not sure if she is a sociopath a psychopath or has borderline personality disorder or all three. She is a dangerous person.
Reviewer’s Name/Alias: Taken-By-Fake
This woman is a married fake!

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