Check Your Date


Reviewer’s Name/Alias: Helpingothers
Reviewee’s Real Name: Jon Morris
Profile URL: Pof
Emme is 56 years old. Her profile says 50 or 51 now.  She is married and has 3 kids. Emme has multiple personalities . I'm not sure if she is a sociopath a psychopath or has borderline personality disorder or all three. She is a dangerous person. You will not escape without major damage to your mind. She has  possibly over 100 fake profiles on POF both male and female. I was with her for two years +. I will never be the same person as before I met her. Emme isn't her real name. She does live in Huntington Beach. She makes you feel like you are "it". You fall in love with her and you don't know what hit you. It's true she claims to have lupus however I didn't see any classic signs of that, the other reviewer thinks it affected her mind. I think that would be kind to blame her actions on a disease. She is cold and calculating. You believe everything. Then you start to put everything together and realize she is very dangerous. Her husband and 3 kids must have gone through hell. I'm not writing this to out her true identity, that isn't fair to her or her family.  Hundreds of men however who read this and have experienced her will know I'm 100 percent honest and they may want to write about her as I did after I read a similar post on here about her. Just don't ever start messaging her. You will be so glad you listened to me and the other  victim that wrote about her. His review is here as well.  

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