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Reviewer’s Name/Alias: Number 5 Number 5
Reviewee’s Real Name: Thomas Barnes
Profile URL: Emme
Hello, I was dating this female "Emme" for a few months recently. She is a very smart, warm, sweet person. She is actually 57 years old, not 43 or 45 as her profile states. Why do I say nice endearing words on a site that is here to alert people. Let me qualify by saying I studied the other 4 posts here about Emme. Because I truly believe she is very mentally ill and can't help the fact that she is a total sadistic psychotic sociopath.  She clearly made 4 other guys so crazy that they had to decide to take the time to fill out these posts on Linda's List.  Every word that these other four people have conveyed is absolutely honest and correct. I don't need to write a lot here because the other 4 posts are so  accurate. Some here say she is married. I don't know. She dating me any time, day or night. I do know she says she is a Dentist and she CAN be googled as Margaret, Dentist, Huntington Beach. I must say I was shocked to google Emme Pof and up popped Linda's List. There is no dealing with her. If she likes you she WILL stalk you with her other fake profiles, trying to trap you into saying things she wants to hear that she feels is a betryal. Guys are just a toy for her to past the time. She is very convincing. She will love boom you. You think you died and went to heaven until the gaslighting starts.  

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