Check Your Date


Reviewer’s Name/Alias: Her Target
Reviewee’s Real Name: MJRG
This person is ruthless and cunning. I researched her and her birthday is 5.26.59 which will make her 59 this year not 47 as stated on her Pof profile.  I’d watch out for her on other sites as well. The last reviewer “number 4” mentioned you can google her. I did on his advise and yes.  Those three key search words proved to ID her.  I didn’t date her as long as some of the others but omg it was a mind bender.  I can say as the others have, everything is true and hard to believe until it happens to you.  I have now read up on  Sociopath, Psychopath and Borderline Personalities and I can say you can’t see it coming. “Emme” not her legal name but her handle that she passes off as her name love bombs you at first. Over the top  rapid-fire messages that will give you an instant deer in the headlight attraction to her. She is wicked good at pulling you into her web of lies and love venom. You don’t know what hit you. The problem is, like me you don’t go looking to research her till  it’s to late and then we find Linda’s List and at least get some sense of closer. I could go on but the other four reviews really nailed her to the cross. I could also give her full name but that’s as bad as what she has done. You can google those three keywords and then go to my life and find out everything for a fee. I just hope some guys google profile names before they need heavy meds after her brain blender treatment. Thanks Linda for the forum. At least we victims have a place to write down your experience and there is some closer I guess. BTW, it’s true. MJR her real initials has hundreds of male and female FAKE profiles, and it’s true. She contacts everyone and plays with them and gaslights them. She is online at least 15 hours a day. Even if she lost her primary profile she would be back up in ten minutes so it’s fruitless to turn her in to POF.  It’s better to let her keep her profile so we don’t lose track of her.   

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