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Reviewer’s Name/Alias: Mslemoneysunshine
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Reviewee’s Real Name: Bruce Kinsey
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I dated and married this con artist. and fell in love with the Narcisstic dream that was never real.  We never lived togather, and he never paid a dime for anything. He uses women to advance up the career ladder, and is extremely charming. If you fall for him, I am sorry but in 2 years time, he will "idolize you, demean and devalue you, then dump you, to move on to a fresh supply. Take my advice, run, and if you dont and find yourself wondering what the heck happened, you can email me, at elcarlson46 at I will listen as an old girlfriend of his ( which he did the same to), listened to me. We're alll here to make this world a better place. 

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