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Add good or not so good date information for other users to protect or elevate them in their search for love. Also, check on the person BEFORE you go on a date in case there is any important information you should be aware of.
Lets' face it... we all need help in our love lives. Learn about your date before you go.
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seems nice lives too far away
seems nice but too old for me
seems nice but too old for me
seems nice but too old
cute in a weird way
not my type at all she is bi
DEfinately not my type
Seems nice just not my type
Seems like a nice guy i might go out with him
Cute but not my type
really cute but might be a player
Not my type
lives too far away
Cute but just too far away
Really adorable bio just not my type
Lives too far away
Seems like a good dude just not my type

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