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Recent blog posts
New Talented Poetic EDM/Hip Hop & Rap Artist on the Music Scene! Recommended by Linda

Hello Readers, Today I want to tell you about a new talented EDM/Hip Hop and Rap Artist only 19 years old called 'Frequency'. Recently I was turned on to his music by a close friend. 

To me a true artist is someone who writes and sings their own music no matter what music realm. I have nothing but respect for any artist that is that talented. In the new genre of EDM/Hip Hop mixed with Rap is CJ Kerns who goes by 'Frequency'. 

He comes from Arizona and was recently signed to Hood and Associates and has been labeled the new 'Eminem' in the business and once you hear his personal struggles and triumphs through his magical poetic rapping, you will be hooked. 

Frequency's first  debut double-album titled Fire And Lightning: The Lightning Side was just released in February 2016 featuring lyrics based on his early life experiences as a teenager growing up in a broken home. Frequency began rapping at the age of 9-years-old, free-styling at school and parties with his friends. In August of 2015, he was discovered by the label, Hood and Associates, after his sister,  Beautiful model Amber Kerns turned 'Ditch' from Hood and Associates on to his music.

He has recorded 35 songs, some of which will make his album released this month and some which will be saved for a future project. He briefly appeared on the stage at the NOS Events Center in San Bernadino during the 2015 XO Gold Cup, a new Cannabis Convention put on by Caviar Gold, and you will be seeing and hearing his music soon. He has also appeared at the House of Blues in Anaheim to a more than excited and pleased crowd. 

Below is a link to two of my favorite tracks. I urge to to check them out and spread the word of this bright, young talented rap artist. After all, you really have to be gifted to be able to create such great music. I really respect and admire someone so young that can express himself and his struggles growing up to try and help other people. I can relate to his music as you all know my struggles I have been through but I can only write not sing.... This is what is important in life, taking what you've learned and helping other people whether it be through blogging or rapping, paying it forward is the ultimate reward! 

Introducing Frequency....

Check him out on the Hood and Associates Website here:


Check him out on Facebook - search  'Frequency Music'

XOXO, Linda
Contact me at

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Online Dating Etiquette for the Guys

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I want to talk about 'Online Dating Etiquette for the Guys'. I've been an Online Dater on and off since 2002 and I want to point out a few things that the guys are just doing wrong. 
First thing is this, educate yourself on how the ladies think. You must know your prey very well before you go on the hunt. You can do this by reading books, talking to friends that are female, reading my blogs or just from learning from your experiences. We all have had some experiences with the opposite sex that just didn't go well so you need to reflect back on those and realize what you did to screw it up and how you won't repeat that behavior,  that thing you did, the thing you didn't do etc. 
Once you do your research, you then can start practicing. What do I mean by practicing? Well, the good thing about online dating is there are millions of people out there and available to practice on. So you start messaging ladies and practice saying the right things and see how it goes. 
Here are a few things that guys say to me that I totally get offended by and trust me I'm no prude but guys, you need to have some class! 
1. Hey sexy - this is annoying and makes me think all you want to do is get laid. And that opening line is probably the same one you send to every girl so I'm not buying it. I ignore these guys that say that first thing. Obviously they don't know how to talk to a lady and the first impression is a lasting one so guys, stop using that line immediately. 
2. Are you a sexual person? - seriously? This came up the other day. I mean the guy was doing pretty good at first and then he throws that line in. First off, why would you even ask that? I'm thinking ok, maybe he had a wife that didn't like sex so he is asking up front? Naw... Next thing I'm thinking is he is just looking to get laid. Then I think wow, he seemed like a decent guy at first so maybe he's a manipulator type and I don't want that either. Next is, it's just rude to ask that. Guys, newsflash, us ladies are looking for love and respect from a guy. That is so disrespectful to ask someone when you don't even know them. It's a total turn off and after a long lecture back to him, I blocked him I have no time for guys that don't know how to speak to a lady. 
3. From a guy who said he was my age but clearly was not and admitted it ' do you like younger men'? - honestly I have a daughter his age but I was curious so I asked him, why do you like older women? His answer, I have mommy issues. I'm not kidding! So, I continue, why do you have mommy issues? He says well my mom walked in on me masturbating and it turned me on! Really? Now, I'm getting concerned. So, I tell him that's pretty weird and scary. He then tells me he doesn't understand how that weirds me out? I say, well what if you had a daughter and you walked in on her? What would you do? Ok, are you sitting down for this? He says to me, I would ask her if she needed any help! Ok, now I'm really freaked out and I told him soon I will see his face on the news as a child predator or rapist and in jail, they don't take kindly to people like you. You need serious help. Then I reported him to the site and hopefully they took the proper actions. Whew! Bad bad bad...
So, that was just a few and I could go on and on but let's talk about how to talk to a lady on a dating site the proper way shall we? 
First, remember to do your homework. Read a book. In fact, read 'Masterdate by George Reagan'. I read this book and it's a great guide for the guys who are online dating. I highly recommend it. After you've done your homework and practiced with a few ladies, you see someone your are really interested in. So, now you are better prepared to speak like a gentleman to a lady. When I say lady, I'm talking about a nice girl who isn't flaunting her half naked body in her photos double fishing two cocktails in a bar setting surrounded by guys. I'm talking about a nice normal girl who has good pictures and doesn't have to show her breasts to get your attention. 
A good opening line is ' hello, I'm Dave I read your profile and I like your pictures. How was your day? Or, how was your weekend? Or, how was your holiday? Or, how do you like living in Long Beach? These are very good opening lines. When she answers you back, then you say funny things that are not offensive and never get sexual EVER because you will just turn her off. Ask her what she likes to do for fun or what her favorite food is etc. Trust me, you will get her attention because you are all about her. Us ladies are turned on by a guy who is genuinely interested in what we like and our interests. Don't go to the sexual conversation, just don't go there. If you date and like each other, things will flow naturally and we as women won't feel threatened. Remember, us ladies are delicate flowers who deserve to be treated like the ladies we are. 

Super Important.. Don't ask her a million personal questions in the beginning like:

1. How many times have you been married?

2. What was the cause of your divorce?

3. Do you and your X still talk?

4. Why are you still single?

5. Have you had any luck on this site? Duh, if I had any luck why would I still be on here?

6. Any personal questions about your kids.

7. When was your last relationship?

A lady will write on her profile only things that they really want you to know at first. After all, you are a total stranger and anything she won't disclose at first is none of your business unless you get serious.

Of course there are those women who will settle for the dirtbags and they are just desperate and if they will put up with your disrespect, they will put up and put out for any guy that shows them attention period. They have issues that not even you can fix. 
What I've learned is, you get what you give. You treat a lady with respect, she will treat you with respect and there's no better way to start a relationship. 

Guys, a few tips:

1. Be respectful of her time. She most likely works and needs her rest so if she declines a date during the week, don't take it personal. Myself being a career woman, I highly respect a guy who respects that my time is valuable. 
2. Always pay for the dates. Pay for the valet and never ask to go Dutch. If you can't afford it, then refer back to Masterdate by George Reagan. You're not ready to date. Or, maybe you can afford it but your too cheap. Not a good sign and a real turn off.
3. Don't pressure her to have sex. Trust me, when she's ready, she'll let you know, you won't have to guess.
4. Always drive to her in the beginning. This is just courteous and the right thing to do. After you're dating awhile, she will want to come to you and you won't even have to ask. (Thumbs up)
5. If you're dating starts to get serious, take your profile down and let her know you did so. If she's into you the same way, she will take hers down too. If she doesn't, give it a couple more dates and if she still doesn't, end it because she's looking for the BBD (bigger, better deal).

So I have given you some great pointers guys, now I hope you will follow my tips and be a much better online dater. Don't be a player and treat the ladies with respect. This will get you much further in your quest for love. 

Any questions or comments, contact me at

Xoxo, Linda

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My latest book available in Kindle Store

My latest book is available in the Kindle Store. My true story of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment.


contact me at

xoxo, Linda

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Linda Interviewed by Textdater- listen now

Hello Readers, check out my first podcast interviewed by Jon owner of


Contact me at


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The Women are Coming Out - Finally
Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I want to talk about how my website is working as designed. Recently, I have had a few women contact me after discovering my website regarding  my X. Let's remember the main reason why I created my website forum, it's because of my X who conned me, cheated on me, mentally abused me, ignored me, used me and many other really bad things. I wanted to warn other women about him and well I am happy to announce it is working. Like Bill Cosby, these women are coming out of nowhere searching for answers about my X. 
Little did I realize this was going to happen, I mean I wanted it to but to my own amazement it actually is. I have to say I feel vindicated knowing that I am not crazy and not the only woman he has done these awful things to. I feel bad for these women and I encourage them to love themselves enough to walk away because these are beautiful, successful women who deserve to be treated like a queen. 
In another way, I feel a bit sad for my X. I really don't think he can help himself. Like OJ Simpson, he really believes he is always right and believes his own lies. He accuses all of the women in his life of having personality disorders, bi-polar, depression etc. the only disorder we all have in common is we got suckered in by his good looks and charm. We are all successful, beautiful women who just picked the wrong guy. We ignored the early warning signs of his cheating and abuse only to try and keep the relationship going because he had convinced us that we are the ones with the problems and we are lucky enough that he will tolerate us enough to keep us around when he wants us. You see, it's our insecurities and flaws that are ruining any chance of happiness with him and if we don't change, it will never work. It's all our fault. 
Truth is, it is him who is the psycho. He is a master manipulator and con man, we are only lucky we didn't end up on a Dateline story. 
Now hear this! Any women out there that have been conned by this man, come forward with the others so no one else gets hurt. Tell all your friends about my website so they can spread the word.
To my X, when you are ready to come clean, get the help required and apologize to all of the women you used, conned, stole from, cheated on and mentally abused, I will happily write a nice come back story for you of the man you are supposed to be. The first step is admitting what you did and asking forgiveness. This is the only way you will ever have peace and ever have a chance of finding happiness and I mean this will not be an overnight thing. This will take time and asking for god's forgiveness will only bring you out of this hole you dug yourself in. 
Ladies, we need to stick together as this male is not the only male on the planet who does this to women. They are everywhere and the more we reject being disrespected by these men, the more they will be forced to step up and be the men God wants them to be.
Thank you to my loyal readers and followers and may God bless you in the new year!
Xoxo, Linda
Special Offer for Subscribers Dr. Mowlavi my Personal Plastic Surgeon

Hello Readers, Linda Here. Today my personal plastic surgeon Dr. Mowlavi is offering a special offer to subscribers. Read below his "How to Reduce Sun-Spots and Blemishes" below and check out the special offer is you mention! I had the IPL that he speaks about below and it took years off my looks and my skin is smooth and brown spot free!

You won't regret it! 


XOXO, Linda


How To Reduce Sun Spots and Blemishes

Dr. Arian Mowlavi shares his secrets

As part of our Skin Care Series, Conrad Bosmans interviews Dr. Arian Mowlavi of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute about the best ways to reduce sun spots and blemishes.

Q: What are sun spots and why are they a problem?

Dr. Mowlavi: Facial skin blemishes are associated with increased creation of brown pigment which gets activated by exposure to the Sun’s ultraviolet rays. This results in unsightly brown blemishes throughout your face that make you look older. This is especially true after a summer of sunbathing and going to the beach.

The good news is that we have an amazingly safe, comfortable, and affordable procedure that makes you look younger by reducing sun spots and blemishes. This procedure only requires a single, thirty-minute treatment with no sedation and minimal down time.

Intense Pulse Light (otherwise known as “IPL"), is a safe focused light treatment that uses a single filtered wavelength that targets and eliminates sun spots.

Q: What precautions should patients take before their IPL treatment?

Dr. Mowlavi: The most important precaution is to avoid sun-tanning and/or long hours in the sun for two weeks prior to your treatment.

This is so that your baseline skin is as light as possible in order to create a definite color contrast between your natural skin tone and the unsightly sun spots. Ideally, what we want to do is target the dark spots against a lighter skin background. If you are tanned throughout, then the IPL will be absorbed by your background skin rather than the unsightly spots. Ideally, we want to target the undesirable dark spots against a lighter skin background.

Dr Mowlavi white suitQ: What happens during and after your IPL treatment?

Dr. Mowlavi: You’ll feel tolerable warmth on your skin which dissipates over a few hours.

The next three days, you are going to notice all of the brown spots working their way to the surface of your skin, like coffee grounds, and then falling off.

We instruct our patients to use a wash cloth to gently remove the "coffee grounds" off of their skin. Most patients find their treatments very tolerable and convenient. 

A little moisturizer and application of routine make-up is all you need for your aftercare.

Q: What kind of results can you expect from your IPL treatment?

Dr. Mowlavi: You’ll notice a dramatic reduction of those annoying sun blemishes and feel the improved confidence of knowing you look your best. 

Q: How long will my IPL treatment last?

Dr. Mowlavi: Since IPL blasts the pigment molecule and not the cell, your pigment cells are still alive and they will start producing new sun spots over time. This means your sun spots will return every six to twelve months depending on your sun exposure. 

My regular clients return for their IPL treatments once or twice a year (especially after the summer).

Q: Why do so many doctors advertise IPL as a series of treatments?

Dr. Mowlavi: This is typically just a gimmick. When I offer a series of IPL treatments as a special, my clients are informed that the series will keep them going for a whole year or longer. Beware of a treatment series advertised as part of a single treatment session.

The key is to hone in on the ideal IPL energy setting at the time of your single treatment session. Choosing the optimum energy will ensure optimum reduction of brown spots while avoiding a burn injury. This requires experience and a quick evaluation dose that I perform for all of my first time patients. After gauging your skin coloration and degree of pigmentation, I pick an area near the ear where I will administer a range of energy pulses in order to identify the optimum energy setting for you. This gives you optimum reduction of those unsightly sun spots in a single IPL session.

Machine strength matters. If the IPL machine does not have a coolant in the hand piece it will not be able to provide the power required to maximize pigment removal potential. This is because without a hand piece coolant, you cannot safely attain the energy levels required to most effectively burst the pigment molecule without burning your skin first. If you are considering getting IPL, make sure you inquire whether the provider’s machine has a coolant in the hand piece.

Q: What’s type of sunscreen should people use?

Dr. Mowlavi: As of June 2015, the F.D.A. has recommended the use of sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. There is also legislation that outlaws companies from advertising SPF labelling greater than 25 as there is no scientific data for greater protection over an SPF of 25. 

Other recommendations involve personal habits and include:

  • Limiting time in the sun, especially between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., when the sun’s rays are most intense.
  • Wearing clothing that limits skin exposure to the sun; for example, long-sleeved shirts, pants, sunglasses, and broad-rimmed hats.
  • Reapplying sunscreen at least every 2 hours or more often if you’re sweating or jumping in and out of the water.
  • Also, while there are three harmful ultraviolet rays, SPF only measures protection against the most harmful Ultraviolet Ray B. Here are some additives you may see in the sunscreens you are considering and how they protect you:
    • Zinc oxide provides protection against both UVA rays and UVB rays.
    • Titanium oxide provides protection against short wave UVA and UVB.
    • Oxybenzone provides protection against short wave UVA only.
    • PABA is only effective against UVB.

Click here to learn more about Reducing Sun Blemishes With IPL

(In our next installment, Dr. Mowlavi shares How To Tighten Loose Skin)

A Special Gift To Get Your New Year Off To A Great Looking Start for Linda's Datelist Subscribers

Come in before December 31st and receive:

$175 off your IPL Treatment (normally $350

An additional $50 off for sharing this offer with a friend (who takes advantage of this discount)

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Arian Mowlavi, M.D., F.A.C.S. Cosmetic Plastic 

Special Offer for Subscribers! Dr. Mowlavi - Plastic Surgeon

Hello Readers, Linda Here. Dr. Mowlavi has a series of How to Erase Facial Wrinkles. Dr Mowlavi is my personal plastic surgeon that has helped me with my wrinkles and many other procedures that has helped me look and feel better along with many of my friends. 

If you mention while booking your appointment, you get a special offer... 


Be sure to check out his blog below! You will not be sorry or dissapointed! 

XOXO, Linda


How To Erase Facial Wrinkles

Dr. Arian Mowlavi shares his secrets

As part of our 5 Critical Steps to Great Looking Skin Series, Conrad Bosmans interviews Dr. Arian Mowlavi of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute about the best ways to erase unsightly facial wrinkles.

Q: What causes facial wrinkles?

Dr. Mowlavi: Facial wrinkles are skin creases, ridges, and folds that get imprinted in our skin through years of expression and communication. When the underlying muscles contract, they crease the overlying skin.

However, when the outer layer of skin thickens, the inner layer of skin thins, and both layers stiffen, as a result of sun damage, the wrinkles become deeply inset and eventually…unappealing.

This doesn’t mean wrinkles are all bad…because they also portray our feelings and personality. Which is critical. Nobody really wants to look like a “Stepford Wife” or a robot.

Q: How can people erase wrinkles in a natural-looking way?

Dr Mowlavi white suitDr. Mowlavi: There are a few strategic wrinkles that we can safely erase to look more attractive, and more youthful without looking like a robot.

We like to focus on the frown lines between our eyebrows, that can look an “11”.

Then, we’ll move to the horizontal lines across our foreheads, followed by the wrinkles (or crows feet) around our eyes.

The muscles in these areas can be effectively paralyzed without inhibiting your natural expressions using Botulinum toxin injection…otherwise known as Botox.

Botulinum toxin, is a natural chemical that temporarily paralyzes a muscle when it is injected into the motor end-plate. The motor end plate is the region where the nerve ends at the muscle and tells it to contract. When we inject it there, the botox is taken up by the nerve ending and it prevents the nerve from transferring its message to activate the muscle. 

After your injection, you can expect 6 months of wrinkle free living and the compliments that go with it. 

Botox injections are a safe, effective, and an easy means of keeping the frown wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, and eyelid wrinkles at bay. The best regimen includes treatments only twice a year by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. Regularly scheduled Botox injections reduce those undesired wrinkles and help avoid invasive surgical measures.

Click here for more information on erasing wrinkles with Botox

(In our next installment, Dr. Mowlavi shares How To Remove Sun Spots and Blemishes)

Special Gifts To Look Your Best For The New Year for Linda's Date List Subscribers

caucasian smiling woman applies moisturizer onto face

Come in before December 31st and receive:

10 units of Botox for Free

Free Skin Evaluation and Personalized Skin Care Plan

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Arian Mowlavi, M.D., F.A.C.S. Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute (949) 499-4147

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Linda - A Survivor

Hello Readers, Linda Here. Today I am inspired to talk about my personal story of survival. In my almost 50 years of life and experiences on this planet earth I have been through my share of personal heartache, abuse, robbed of my life savings by my X, humiliation, cheated on, lied to, financially struggling, threat of my life being taken from me and much more. This is what inspired me to start
In the last 13 years, since 2002, the above mentioned has happened to me personally. I have made some very bad choices, trusted too much and given my heart away for one man. It has been 4 years now since my separation/divorce and I just want to encourage my readers/followers that even though life deals you some bad hands and doesn't always go as planned, you can recover!
Four years ago when I left my X, I was left pretty much penniless. I had enough money to get into an apartment, with very little money coming in. When I was married, I did not work. I was going through a person struggle of sexual assault and sexual harassment at my previous employer that left me very depressed and weak both physically and mentally. Even though I wasn't working and married, I managed to bring in more money per month than my husband due to the various lawsuits. My X was in total control of the finances and I trusted him completely which turned out to be a huge mistake. Ladies, always pay attention to your joint finances with your husband. Don't trust anyone and always make sure to keep an eye on where the money is going. My good friend Sue always told me that but I didn't listen. Big Mistake.
Anyhow, after being robbed of my money, I was in my apartment alone. Every day contemplating suicide as I just did not know how I was going to make it through my life without my X and I did not want to start my life over again.
Every day I would talk to my BFF of over 40 years now and she would talk me out of taking all the pills that I had at my disposal. It was a struggle but with her help and God's grace, I didn't do it. There were many days I laid in bed for days without even getting up and leaving the house. My daughter was a huge help and my mother too along with my close friends.
After about 5 months of barely skimming by financially, I managed to find a pretty decent job. From there I have been working every since and every job earning more and more money which has helped my self respect and self confidence.
I didn't want to ask for a divorce but my X was a cheater, liar, manipulator, control freak and turns out a thief. To this day he has my money and I see him on the same Online Dating sites that I am on. I can see he is desperately trying to find someone and his bio is full of desperation and lies. Is it hard to read? YES. I feel so sorry for the women he is conning and I only hope they find my website and read all about the kind of person he is. But, I cannot sit and worry about the women. I have to pay attention to me and my needs and wants now with my new life.
For all of the ladies who have been through an impossible divorce and made it through even stronger, I applaud you.
Since my separation and with God's help, I started my website, published 2 books, have been interviewed for various companies and magazines, have a great career making more money than I ever had, live on the beach with a beautiful ocean view, drive a luxury car with no financial debt. I have reconnected with old friends, restarted family relationships and gained a lot of new friends. My life is full.
I am finally at peace with myself, the things I have done, own my mistakes and I am very proud of the person I am today. Although this did not come easy, with hard work, God's love and grace, I have done it. I have come a very long way than where I was 4 years ago.
I don't expect my life to be easy and care free as I am no fool. Anything can happen but by going through what I have been through, I am strong enough physically, spiritually and emotionally to make it through anything. It's a day by day condition. It's called persevering and learning from my mistakes and always trying to be a better person every day.
I can honestly say I am happy, blessed and thankful every day when I wake up to be able to put on nice clothes, get in my luxury car and drive to the job that I love very much. Every day is a good day and even if things don't go my way, I trust and have faith in God to lead me where he wants me to go. You see, I don't deserve all that I have but God blesses me and by his grace, I make it through.
For anyone going through a rough time whether it be divorce, break up, family problems, financial difficulties or anything else, remember that time heals and looking back where you were is not the way to persevere. Always look ahead. Don't look back because you are not going that way. Put one foot in front of the other and carry on however you have to. Life is too short and you must make the best of it.
Even though I haven't had a boyfriend or any meaningful relationships since my divorce, I am happy and when you are happy and content with yourself and your life, you will attract the right person at the right time. Be patient, keep your family and friends close and keep moving forward. Write that book, eat healthy, exercise and gain perspective. If I never left my cheating husband, I would be as miserable today as I was during my marriage. I have no regrets about leaving him. It was the best thing I ever did for ME!....
I would love to hear your stories, so please contact me at

For the year 2016, a lot of exciting things are going to happen here on Podcasts, Online Dating Courses and new books on the way! It's going to be a great year!

I love you all and thank you for reading my posts and my goal is to share my experiences to try and help other people.
Look me up (Linda Jenkins) on Amazon and Kindle for my 2 books. "The Top 10 Things People Lie About on Online Dating Sites and Why" What every Online Dater needs to know and 'Nowhere to Hide" My true story of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment.

XOXO, Linda

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Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I want to talk about the High Profile divorce of Yolanda and David Foster. I only know of Yolanda from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, one of my favorite reality shows. Yolanda happens to be my favorite on that show and since she has been battling this horrible Lymes disease, she has really been in my heart. Yolanda is married to David Foster famous songwriter. I liked him as Yolanda's husband as he seemed to be a good guy who really loved her. 

I hear now that they are divorcing. I find that very sad as she is very sick and has been for awhile now. They sold their beautiful home and now Yolanda is living in a condo which was David's bachelor pad. In recent shows, you can see how sick Yolanda is and even though she is still a very beautiful woman, she has decided not to dye her hair, wear make-up and even took out her breast implants. That's a lot to do for a woman who has had it all. It takes much courage to sacrifice your vanity for your illness and I admire her more than ever for that and being so brave as to show the world your vulnerability On national TV. 


Posted by on in Blog Featured in Textdaters New e-book!

Hello Readers, Linda here. Today I want to tell you about a new start-up Dating Mobile App business called ‘’. I met Jon Pellington the founder on twitter. Actually, he reached out to me after reading some of my blogs and my books. Jon is a super smart and personable guy, I should know he interviewed me over Skype all the way from the UK where Textdater is based. What a fun interview that was and I got to tell him my story and he was blown away! My story is so crazy that even the best screenwriter couldn’t make it up.
Textdater just released their first FREE e-book called “Relationships, Advice and Belly Laughs”. Several authors and bloggers were featured in his e-book including myself. It has all of our books, websites and social media contact information. If you are a single person looking for love, you really should check out this e-book.
Textdater is unique as it is a dating mobile app where you do not get to see the other person’s picture until the appropriate time leaving you to learn about the other person without judging them for their looks but leaves you learning about the other person’s interests, values and personality without a preliminary picture. It’s a great concept that actually landed them to be nominated for “Best New Dating App” in the UK Dating Awards. 
Jon’s story has also been featured in ‘Startups’ in this article Jon tells how he came up with the idea of Textdater, the challenges and Textdater’s exciting future.
His website is
Textdater was also the ‘Virgin Start-up of the Week featured here
You can get Textdater’s free e-book “Relationships, Advice and Belly Laughs” by clicking here
Follow Textdater on Twitter @textdater

Here is the link to my New Book "The Top 10 Things People Lie About on Online Dating Sites and Why" What Every Online Dater Needs to Know

You can also contact me at or @Lindasdatelist on Twitter
XOXO, Linda

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